Attention MSI: Wind Has Wings

My post about the MSI Wind has gotten picked up by several sites, one of which was Engadget:

I learned a few things from all this.

1) Engadget is scraped by a ton of splogs. I got a lot of trackbacks in Comments. I investigated all of them. They were all frikkin splogs.

2) Two Engadget readers have come up with the correct MSI Wind specs. One here:

white-black-pink options
1.2 kg
10″ led screen
intel atom 1.6 GHz cpu
80 gb disk
1 GB ram (1 empty slot for upgrade)
Win xp home os
WiFi & wired network
card reader
3 x usb 2.0
3 cell battery, 2.5h working
webcam, vga out
no optical drive
onboard vga

The other here:

1.2 Kilograms of weight.
LED backlit 10″ screen.
Release end of May.
80gb HDD
1gb RAM
XP Home
Intel Atom CPU.
Card Reader.
3 USB ports.
3 Cell battery standard, with about 2.5 hour uptime. 6 cell expected to provide 5 hours.

3) An extra slot to increase RAM from 1GB? That’s great!

4) There’s a lot of interest in the MSI Wind! It looks like both the Asus EeePC 900 and the hp Mini Note have a real competitor here. I know that I’m really tempted to hold off on any purchase until the MSI Wind has been checked out by reviewers and a few buyers too. I hope MSI will make a big effort to get it in reviewer’s hands and especially to get it in stores such as J&R in NYC.

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One Comment on “Attention MSI: Wind Has Wings”

  1. doody Says:

    Looking for accurate MSI Wind specs? Just check the first post in my thread here:

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