The West Side: Episodes 1-3

I’ve railed against the wasteland of Net video.

I’ve praised one perfect video I found.

Now I’ve found the beginnings of a perfect Net series:

I first found this last year and was going to post about it on the old blog, but things intervened (one of them being the death of that blog). At that time, there was a single episode.

Now there are three:

And they are perfect.

The acting, writing, directing, photography, sound recording, sound effects, and even — if not especially — music are flawless.

Some screensnaps from episode one:

Paul Haggis specialized in ruined urban backdrops, such as in the classic TV series EZ Streets.

Here, in The West Side, the entire world is that:

The West Side is an urban western, created by Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo and Zachary Lieberman. Set in a unique, alternate universe, it melds together elements of two disparate film genres: the grit of an urban setting with the tradition of the American Western.

There’s also a blog. But do not look at the blog before seeing the episodes. The blog contains behind-the-scenes photos and seeing the settings in full color is disorienting.

This is what Net video is supposed to be. This is what Net video eventually will be.

I hope they stick to their vision and stay loyal to the Net. It will reward them in the end.

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