Beautful Old Photos Of England

Revealed: The amazing pictures of Britain in colour for the very first time

French millionaire and philanthropist Albert Kahn was among the first to see the possibilities of autochrome.

He poured his entire fortune into hiring a team of photographers, which he dispatched to more than 50 countries.

His aim was to make a record of all the people of the world.

In Britain they captured, in fascinating detail, a nation on the brink of historical change and which in a few short years would be irrevocably altered by the events of World War One.

Kahn, one of the richest men in Europe, was forced to abandon his work in 1931, after losing everything in the Wall Street Crash.

However, his legacy of more than 72,000 autochromes – the best of which are published in a new book – give an invaluable glimpse of the world at the beginning of the 20th century.

He gave us all a priceless gift!

I reproduce one of them because I found it so startling:

Do you notice it too?

How much sky there is! And how low the horizon is!

Go see the rest. Each one can be clicked on to enlarge!

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