Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #069

Update, May 10, 2008: This listing is no longer available, is all the information elicited when clicking on the link today.

This is a real listing on ebay:

My Debt, all of my worldly bills comes w/house and car.

Please consider this purchase with care. My debt is about average for most Americans. If you purchase my debt you will be saving me and my family from great amounts of stress and much heartache. I can not allow returns on this item as I’m not so sure its anything I’d want back. Thank you so much for considering allowing us a second chance at a better life and you can be sure this purchase is Very good for your Karma! If you were to have the kind of money that would allow you to purchase my debt without a second thought then you are blessed. As always have a beautiful day!

Just a note, if you purchase my debt you may have my house and car if you would like. The buy it now price will allow you to have these items,paid in full. The house and car could be sold and you would have a return on your purchase. That is if you would like them, otherwise you could buy my debt and take none of the above. Its up to you.

Here is a breakdown of my debt:

$48,815.56 Large part of home loan
$12,439.49 2nd part to home loan
$12,692.22 Student loan
$11,840.03 2nd student loan
$3,204.36 Credit card husbands
$292.71 Credit card self
$4,744.88 Personal loan home improvements
$9,215.86 Ford Focus 2004

Total= $103,245.11

There’s a picture of the family in the listing. No doubt from happier times.

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