England Continues To Sink

Father confronted by axe-wielding burglars – but police are too busy to turn up for THREE hours

Hiding upstairs with his terrified partner and their two young children as a gang of axe-wielding burglars emptied his living room, Mathew Sims wasted no time in making a desperate 999 call to police.

But instead of the immediate response he expected, he was flabbergasted to be told: ‘We’re too busy to help.’

Within minutes the ruthless burglars were speeding from the scene in two cars with their haul of stolen property.

But it was three hours before officers finally turned up at the family’s home in Arnold, Nottinghamshire, and by then all they could do was take statements.

Emphasis added by me.

It gets worse:

Nottingham, having desperately tried to live down its image as Gun City, was recently named Britain’s burglary capital.

It had house burglary levels which were 63 per cent above the national average, according to a league table compiled from insurance records of areas where a homeowner is most likely to suffer the misery of a break-in.

Emphasis added by me.

England, the Land With No Men.

What about here in America?

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