The REAL Rate Of Inflation

The Daily Mail in the UK — shockingly! — has the guts to figure it out over there.

Revealed: the real rate of inflation

The true, devastating scale of rising prices is revealed today – by the new Daily Mail Cost of Living Index. It shows that families are having to find more than £100 a month extra this year to cope with increases in the cost of food, heat, light and transport.

According to the official Consumer Price Index measure, inflation is running at only 2.5%
. Yet the Mail’s index finds that food costs alone are rising at 15.5% a year – more than six times the official rate. And there are double-digit increases in other ‘must-pay’ essentials such as petrol, gas and electricity.

Many families need to find more than £1,200 extra a year just to stand still. Once higher mortgage costs are added, millions are having to pay out at least another £2,000 a year to keep their heads above water.

Emphasis added by me.

What newspaper here in America is devoting any time to calculating our true inflation rate?

I noticed in a store today that a bag of dry cat food that cost no more than US$3.00 two years ago is now nearly US$6.00.

And what about what I mentioned here?

Where’s the NY Times, NY Daily News or even, you shoukd pardon the expressions — for both are now owned by that ambulatory malignancy, Rupert Murdoch — NY Post or Wall Street Journal?

What’s otherwise occupying their time?

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One Comment on “The REAL Rate Of Inflation”

  1. fred young Says:

    searched for information like yours in U S % & dollars endlessly to no avail re: inflation of food prices. Thank you for you help and clues as to why it is probably not widely available. The state I live in has fewer than 2 million people, and here in the state capitol, we will drop below 50,000 people next census. we are not a media magnet. again, thanks, fiy

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