Sony’s Blu-Ray Victory Turns Sour

Blu-ray: The Future Has Been Delayed

According to NPD, sales of Blu-ray standalone players plummeted 40 percent from January to February, then rose a scant 2 percent from February to March. The general consensus was that once Toshiba dropped its support for the HD DVD format early this year, sales would increase.

In fact, sales of Blu-ray standalone players remain so low that NPD has not yet released actual numbers, for fear that it would be easy to identify individual retailers. The research group will start to give actual figures later this year, said Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis at NPD.

This is a surprise?


On February 21, I posted: FAIL: Sony Spent $3B To Kill HD-DVD

At some point, someone very desperate at Sony — probably the chain reaction of eejits who formulated and approved the earlier bribery — will get the still-unbright idea to give away Blu-Ray discs to try to tempt people into accepting the format.

Wait and see.

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