Was My Brain Screaming To Itself?

In another context, I had to revisit a prior post here: Self-Confidence Vs. Self-Delusion.

In reading it just now, this jumped out at me:

This is why I excoriate The Secret and things like it. They make it far too easy for someone to fall into the horrible trap of self-delusion. It’s a trap that is very, very difficult to escape — because it’s all inside your head and it seems real. But it’s a mirage, an hallucination.

It made me recall what I wrote here: Simvastatin Made Me Insane

I have never had something like this occur in my life. I’ve been in possession of my head. For the past two years, I wasn’t. My mind was taken from me and reconfigured in ways I never thought could happen. Even though I felt something was wrong, I didn’t feel as if it was happening to me — it felt like me. But it wasn’t me.

Clearly a Philip K. Dick moment.

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One Comment on “Was My Brain Screaming To Itself?”

  1. Oscarandre Says:

    “because it’s all inside your head and it seems real. But it’s a mirage, an hallucination” This is very true. As further evidence of this I can tell you that in my job I often sit between people in conflict with each other and try to mediate a semblance of truth upon which we can negotiate a solution. After listening to both people tell highly pausible versions of the same events i would come to the conclusion that one was lying. Then I realised that no-one was lying – they had simply come to believe their own interpretation – the moment they told their story to their wife, or friend or boss, it just became more real. How subtley then must self delusion work – it happens on the inside and without any checks and balances that might offer a qualifying or confirming perspective. And to what extent are we all victims of self-delusion? Maybe it’s only the degree that differs.

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