It’s Iron Man Sunday, Baby!

In about an hour or so I escape from Satan Staten Island and go on safari to find which theater I will see Iron Man in.

This used to be a very, very simple process.

Go to Times Square, find the ginormous theater playing it.

But all those real theaters are now gone.

Now there are mutant monster multiplexes that have screens basically smaller than people have in their own damned homes — and I do not want to wind up in one of those shoeboxes!

And since I do not keep abreast of theater tech, I have no frikkin idea what “stadium seating” or “DLP” mean. “Stadium seating?” Hard wooden benches or hard wooden slatted and sticky chairs? “DLP?” “Don’t Leave Pissed?” “Don’t Like Popcorn?” WTF?

I also discovered this may well cost me $11.50 for one ticket!

But I want to see it.

The movie’s been running through my mind all last night and this morning and there are several key points I want to relive to see if I’m recalling specific Tony Stark character aspects that I neglected to highlight in yesterday’s post.

Oh baby! I just found this on YouTube:


*pounding on my desk in excitement!*

The hell with the rest of the world today. I’m going to see Iron Man!

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3 Comments on “It’s Iron Man Sunday, Baby!”

  1. dmm7 Says:

    As I’m sure you’ve found by now, stadium seating refers to the position of your seat compared to the next (or previous) row, so that you see the screen rather than the back of someone’s head. So it’s a good thing.

    Oh, and the movie’s good too. ;) (Seriously, the word is *wow*… I saw it last night, after seeing every clip and hearing every line on the movie’s website 3 times or so… and I don’t usually surf movie websites.) Plan to go back in a week or so (money’s tight) and looking forward to a sequel (no doubt already in the works–the relevant stars were signed to a contract for 3 movies).

  2. mikecane Says:

    No, I still have no firsthand experience of stadium seating. I went to the last of the old-style ginormous theaters in NYC, as you can read here:

  3. […] The movie “Iron Man” is a clear testament to Robert Downey Jr.’s personality: fast, funny, sarcastic and full of action and very big bangs! It is a tale of a rich, powerful and highly intelligent man, with no friends or family. However, he is not unhappy, rather at peace with his lifestyle. He does crave affection and that could come from the person who everyone in the audience would expect: his assistant, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). Conclusion: an action packed movie with a large dose of humor and good acting. I recommend “Iron Man” with all my heart! So, go see it and tell me what you think of it! Rate this:Tell others by:Email Pin ItShare on TumblrLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Posted in: Action, Adventure, Genres, Movies, Science Fiction | Tagged: action, actor, advance, adventure, Afghan, Afghanistan, armor, destruction, escape, genres, gold, Gwyneth Paltrow, heart, iron, Iron Man, magnet, man, metal, movie, red, Robert Downey Jr., science fiction, suit, technology, terrorist, weapon […]

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