Jane Merrow Is On YouTube!

Gerry Anderson fans will instantly recall her as the freelance writer who nearly pulled the wool over Commander Straker‘s eyes in UFO.

Now she’s on the Net with a website and YouTube clips of some of her performances!

I have been an actor or actress, or what you will for the best part of 40 odd years, played all sorts of parts and appeared with many of my fellow actors. With YouTube I can share some of those memorable scenes with you.

Here’s some scenes from her UFO appearance:

UFO – The Responsibility Seat

In which I smash a vase over Commander Strakers head without a hair in the blond wig moving a fraction of an inch. Note the scary car chase, yes, that’s actually me in the driving seat albeit helped by a bit of back projection in the close-ups.

The Avengers – Mission Highly Improbable

I get to act with the iconic Patrick Macnee. People and machines are miniaturised by a revolutionary reducing machine. Steed shrinks to Dinky toy size but still saves the day.

Danger Man – A Date With Doris

Another episode of “Danger Man” with Pat McGoohan. I appeared in three episodes altogether. In this one I get to play a Cuban interpreter complete with accent. Naive but sympathetic :-)

Danger Man – The Man Who Wouldn’t Talk

A clip from “Danger Man” and co-starring Patrick McGoohan. Here I play a duplicitous Bulgarian interpreter.

Cor, such lovely eyes, eyelashes, and lips!

Here’s something absolutely heartbreaking from Jane Merrow’s wikipedia entry:

She had roles in British TV series such as Danger Man, The Saint, The Baron, The Prisoner and The Avengers where, having appeared in the penultimate episode of the 1967 series, she was considered to replace a departing Diana Rigg. The role went to Linda Thorson instead.

I was, and still am, not a Linda Thorson fan. By that time, of course, the series had mutated into something disappointing and ridiculous, with Mother and the like. But had Jane Merrow been given the role, I would have at least had someone as sexy as Mrs. Peel to look at each week! She would have continued the Diana Rigg role of stimulating pre-teen hormones (not that we had any idea about that in the innocent crewcutted childhood 1960s!).

Looking at Jane Merrow’s IMDB entry, I must have seen her on Love, American Style; The Six Million Dollar Man; The Incredible Hulk; The Greatest American Hero; and Magnum, P.I.; all series I watched completely.

Go to her website. There’s a short film there called Bereavement which shows her still-wonderful eyes and her now-throaty fully-woman voice!

Ah, Jane Merrow! Thank you!

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2 Comments on “Jane Merrow Is On YouTube!”

  1. It's Me Says:

    Jane Merrow was certainly one of the most gorgeous actresses from the sixties. She’s an absolute stunner.

  2. mikecane Says:

    I’m older now. So she still is!

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