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England Continues To Fall

May 9, 2008

Police hunt girl gang who poured liquid through letterbox of London blast house

A gang of girls may have used the internet to make a bomb that killed a man and destroyed three homes in their feud with another teenager.

Former classmates of Charlotte Anderson, 17, are being sought by police after a blast destroyed her flat, an apartment above and two neighbouring cottages in Harrow, northwest London.

Miss Anderson suffered serious blast injuries and Emad Qureshi, 26, her neighbour, was killed in the explosion at 9.30pm on Wednesday.

Get this:

The explosion damaged homes and offices within a 100-metre radius and 40 people were still unable to return to their homes last night as police began to search the rubble. Friends said that Miss Anderson had been involved in arguments with other girls about her boyfriend but police said that this was not part of their investigation.

Girls did that! Girls!

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Ralph Nader: Activist Presidential Candidate

May 9, 2008

I can’t think of any other candidate for the American Presidency who has ever taken time out from a campaign to join protestors against the government!

This is an eight-minute video about how Washington — as usual — wants to betray our interests as well as use the law against us.

If you drive (and I don’t!), you need to pay attention to this.

I’ll keep pounding on this blog about how much we need Ralph Nader as President — as well as about how he is the only qualified candidate — until all of you cave in and vote for him just to shut me up.

Vote Nader 2008 website



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No Speed Racer Noooooo!

May 9, 2008

Gear Diary has the first seven minutes of the movie Speed Racer up.

No, really, it’s the first seven minutes of the actual movie!

I don’t know how Judie Lipsett managed that.

But she’s done us all a great service.

After seeing it, you too will be singing No Speed Racer Nooooo!

Another big-budget Hollywood catastrophe.


The Cato Institute Is Always Good For A Laugh

May 9, 2008

I was looking for a chart of the per-gallon price of gas (I wanted to see what it was when I was a kid; why rely on my memory?). I failed in that search. But I came across this howler of an article: Gasoline Prices in Perspective

It’s not even worth my time to point out the inherent stupidity in it.

Tom Wolfe: Stupid Or Simply Insane?

May 9, 2008

The Word According to Tom Wolfe: Chapter 5 of 5

Tom Wolfe and America? He loves the place, a position that puts him at odds with much of the charming aristocracy. He’s also an optimist about America — and American greatness. “The biggest problem,” says Wolfe, “is all the people who see a problem.”

“Charming aristocracy?” Just about the same type of assholes who self-designate themselves A(sshole)-Listers on the Net. That cohort of people would all overdose on pills if The New Yorker ever went out of business.

Anyway, Wolfe … on the verge of Alzheimer’s? Or has he always been unable to mentally compose and let loose with a sentence lacking a profusion of potholes?

He’s wrong about the Vietnam War. I damn well can recall what was all wrong about it: it was undeclared, the draft affected the lowest classes (hey, Limbaugh, did you serve? I was months away from Selective Service lottery eligibility when it ended), we weren’t in it to win, and its conclusion didn’t stop the spread of Communism in Asia. Wolfe is either surrounded by fellow bumbling eejits or the drugs have wiped out their memories.

Drudge linked to this clip because Wolfe states he doesn’t see any reason why there shouldn’t be “eight hundred” American centuries. Again, I have to question the functioning of his mind. Does he really, really think what’s going on now can be sustained? If he that out of touch with reality?

Well, look at the frikkin suit he always wears.

So yeah. Next!

(Christ, I didn’t imagine til this very moment that I’d need a Category for “Writers — Stupid”!)

Big Asus e900 Review

May 9, 2008 EeePC 900 in-depth review

It’s ginormous!

I haven’t read it all yet, but I did go through the Comments and learned that the e7xx and the e900 batteries are the same physical size. Asus wasn’t tempted to obsolete the existing battery.

Despite my admonition to myself, I’m still reading up on everything.

hp has gone out of its head, offering versions of the Mini Note that practically go into orbit with near- and above-$800 prices!

The entire charm of the original EeePC was its “disposable” price. Like every other tech eejit, I seem to have lost track of that in the shower of “Can it do this?” questions.

Even the $549 for the e900 is I think misguided. I wish Asus would do what I suggest and get prices back to a tempting level.

Anniversary Of John Brown’s Birth

May 9, 2008

Anniversary Day Of Note: John Brown’s Birthday

Tonight’s TV: Monopoly!

May 9, 2008

Primetime Pilot Panic: Even Hotter Info

To date my April 24th “Hot List” of primetime pilots is holding up. But one alarming trend I’m seeing is that Big Media is demonstrating even more reluctance than usual to develop pilots their studios and networks don’t own. This is yet one more reason so many primetime scripted series fail.

Emphasis added by me.

Stephen J. Cannell saw the handwriting on the wall over a decade ago. He was one of the next generation of TV producers (after Aaron Spelling, Quinn Martin, Jack Webb, etc) and had a string of successes. He had every reason to remain in television: it provided him with a great life and allowed him to do what he liked and what he was great at doing.

All that changed when the walls came down, allowing the TV networks to own their programs instead of having to negotiate with outside producers for airing rights.

This is one of the reasons independent producers such as Gerry Anderson and his thirty-million dollar New Captain Scarlet series failed to enter the American television market in the same manner his string of prior successes over three decades could.

The game has become: If it ain’t mine, forget it!

This is not a free market. This is a collection of monopolies and trusts holding the airwaves — first analog, and now digital — captive to the detriment of everyone, producers and audience.

Imagine if suddenly your website or blog had to be part of a large conglomerate so you could remain on the Internet. Imagine that the costs became so prohibitive to create a web presence that you had no choice other than to seek employment at a large corporation in order to have a web outlet. And then, just like all other employees, you’d be a cog in a huge machine and no one would know who the hell you are.

Quick: Name three writers from Engadget, from Gizmodo, from Ars Technica.

You can’t.

And that is the future the corporations want.

You don’t matter: only the corporate brand matters.

And all profits — every single strange fraction of a penny — is vacuumed up for the “good” of that inhuman entity.

You are just an employee. You can be replaced. Especially because you’re unknown.

Quick: Name the producers of Numb3rs, Ugly Betty, and E.R..

You can’t!

ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC are the Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Arby’s, and Burger King of entertainment. Just as those fast-food mongers have only a shadow relationship to actual food, so do the four major TV entities have an increasingly-distant relationship to creative, unique, compelling, and individually-crafted entertainment. (If you think otherwise, they’ve already subverted your mind to their purposes!)

Nikki Finke is the brightest person covering the entertainment field. What’s happening there is just a prelude to what they expect to do to the Internet. Watch what’s going on with Comcast and Time Warner and the rumors of tiered Internet service. Watch the battle for Net Neutrality being waged in D.C.. They are trying for a grab. They are always trying for a grab.

They succeeded with television.

Are we going to let them steal the Internet too?

Apple’s Sync Strategy Finally Arriving?

May 9, 2008

Rumor: .Mac relaunch to coincide with iPhone 2.0?

According to our little birdy, .Mac could undergo the following changes as soon as next month:

Full over-the-air syncing including calendars, contacts, and email (similar to Exchange)

.Mac syncing on Windows

I guess things just take longer than I expect.

But I’ve been waiting

Apple has its own sync program: iSync.

Apple could expand it into a sync-anything program that would transfer many kinds of files between an iPhone, a desktop Mac, and a Foleo-like Flash RAM-based “satellite Mac.”

Where the Foleo concentrates on email sync, a “satellite Mac” would not be so choosy. Apple’s iSync could be a sync slut, permitting anything — text, spreadsheet, photo, audio, maybe even short video — to move seamlessly between Bluetooth and WiFi-capable Apple devices.

Plus, just as it did with the Safari browser, Apple could develop and release — for free! — a PC version of iSync.

… and waiting

Yeah, you’ll iSync files back and forth from these smaller MacBooks to a Mac (and maybe even PC) desktop. Think of it as iTunes For Your Other Files.

… and waiting

5) iSync being enhanced

… for Apple to reveal syncing. It’s going to be very important to them.

iSync: Key Apple Ingredient

The End Of Finland

May 9, 2008

Nokia aiming to reinvent itself as an “Internet company”

“Our goal is to act less like a traditional manufacturer, and more like an internet company,” Kallasvuo told his shareholders. “Companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft are not our traditional competitors, but they are major forces that must be reckoned with. Make no mistake: We are taking on these challenges seriously and aggressively.”

OK, that company is in its death spiral, as I predicted and expected post-iPhone.

Nokia saw the promise of the Internet very, very early.

That it has been a non-player all this time is very telling.

This is a company with a personality — both internally and nationally — that is incompatible with Internet Thinking.

They rose to the top of the cellphone heap not because they were excellent, but because their competitors were just atrocious.

It sounds like Nokia is going to spend less time on hardware design, new distinct handset models, and so forth (though I’d be shocked if the company gave up on hardware entirely), in favor of more and better software.

I wouldn’t be.

Their vaunted Internet Tablet — which they expected to save the company — has gone nowhere (and deservedly so!). All those Palm users they thought they’d grab — it never happened.

Their phones are just … phones. They can tart them up with Zeiss lenses and the like but they’re still clunky and uncool. They are for pinstripers; corporate dullards who left to decide on their own go with the seemingly safest choice. None of them are leadership devices.

Outside of people who buy Nokia, the company has no Internet presence. And it never will have one.

They probably think they buy their way in through acquisitions (Murdoch would be glad to burden you with MySpace!). But anything they touch will automaically be deemed DOA.

Nokia: Gone in five years.