England Continues To Fall

Police hunt girl gang who poured liquid through letterbox of London blast house

A gang of girls may have used the internet to make a bomb that killed a man and destroyed three homes in their feud with another teenager.

Former classmates of Charlotte Anderson, 17, are being sought by police after a blast destroyed her flat, an apartment above and two neighbouring cottages in Harrow, northwest London.

Miss Anderson suffered serious blast injuries and Emad Qureshi, 26, her neighbour, was killed in the explosion at 9.30pm on Wednesday.

Get this:

The explosion damaged homes and offices within a 100-metre radius and 40 people were still unable to return to their homes last night as police began to search the rubble. Friends said that Miss Anderson had been involved in arguments with other girls about her boyfriend but police said that this was not part of their investigation.

Girls did that! Girls!

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