Follow-Up On That Canadian Train Illness

Train Death And Series Of Illnesses Unrelated Says Chief Medical Officer Of Health

What initially looked to be a frightening infectious disease outbreak that led to the death of one woman aboard a Via Rail train turned out to be a remarkable series of unconnected coincidences, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams, explained during a Friday afternoon press conference.

The elderly woman died during the train ride from Vancouver to Toronto, but health officials say she likely didn’t have an infectious disease. Six other passengers also fell ill, with the most serious being rushed to hospital with a respiratory illness of some sort. Officials, however, believe that passenger was suffering from a pre-existing condition, and the five others who were reportedly ill with flu-like symptoms were all determined to have been feeling sick before they boarded the train.

So, it turned out to be just like that masterful novel by Stanislaw Lem: The Chain of Chance.

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