Blog Notes: Blogger Version

WordPress’ code gnomes have recently done some tinkering that is biting me in the ass now that I’m simulposting.

When you see the Previously here: at the end of some posts, that list is manually generated by me. I try to look up the relevant posts and put their titles and links in.

This used to be a simple process. Without going into boring techy details, WordPress is now abbreviating the URLs when I copy/paste them from Visual format.

This is playing havoc over at Blogger, as the abbreviation is interpreted over there as being a Blogger link, when it’s actually a WordPress link. That means a 404.

I just caught that today.

And right now I’m so dispirited by it that I don’t have the strength to go through the Blogger posts to make any fixes.

I’ve added the URL for my WordPress blog in text in the sidebar, so I hope that will lead people who hit a bad link over to the source blog.

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