MSI Wind: Photos Of Black Version

Update: Better images. Click each to enlarge.

Right now, the black MSI Wind is the top contender for my cheap subnotebook. If it turns out to be too big, too heavy, or otherwise flawed, the next contender is the Asus e900 — in black.

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6 Comments on “MSI Wind: Photos Of Black Version”

  1. […] weissen Modell unterscheidet. Wer sich aber für den MSI Wind in schwarz interessiert, kann ich die Fotoserie von Mike Cane […]

  2. ruphus Says:

    What about a photo of the bottom of the unit?

  3. […] [Quelle] Tags: Fotos, Gallerie, MSI Wind, Schwarz « MSI kündigt MSI Titan an […]

  4. […] press shots released last week. Now blogger Mike Cane has gotten his hands on some a whole bunch of higher quality images of the black version. No real surprises here. It looks just like the white model. But it’s black. Still, if you […]

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