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Bad Questions To Ask A Transsexual

May 16, 2008

I have no frikkin idea how this wound up in search results for the MSI Wind.

Someone at YouTube must have a malicious streak. See the MSI Wind video I was looking at in the screensnap:

Click = bigger

Anyway, watch this. Stick with it. It gets hugely funny. Plus, it’s educational!

Bad Questions to Ask a Transsexual: The Director’s Cut

After years of teeth-grindingly ignorant and insulting questions, Calpernia Addams finally snaps and shares her list of Bad Questions which you should never ask a transsexual. These are all real questions from real life!

Director’s Cut: I edited this so that it gets to the point more quickly, cuts out some extraneous chatter and repeated information, and illustrates the “Do you date gay or straight guys?” question more simply with graphics. =)

Well done, Calpernia. Bravo!

John Scalzi On Speed Racer And More

May 16, 2008

$20 Million Now, $20 Million Then – How Star Wars Changed Movie Math

Brilliant piece. I especially like this bit:

Right now, the Wachowskis are sitting in a dark room, looking at the numbers and realizing that they really do have to stop cruising on the cred they earned on the original Matrix flick — that’s all gone now.

Go read it.

Jeff Schult: New Medical Tourism Site

May 16, 2008

Jeff Schult, author of Beauty from Afar and chronicler of his new teeth, has this on his blog:

New Medical Tourism Blog: The Bridge

BridgeHealth International, Inc., a medical travel and tourism company based in Denver, Colorado, has a new blog, one for which I have high hopes. Well, I should — I’m the moderator, and I spent a fair amount of time getting it up and running, and writing for it, in the last month.

Jeff also did a post there that addressed a question I had about the eroding U.S. dollar and the prospects of medical tourism for Americans: Medical Tourism and the Falling Dollar.

Sick England: Happy Slapping

May 16, 2008

Happy Slapping in the UK- comment by Richard Grannon

‘Happy-slapping’ video shows teenage girl being kicked in the face in playground attack

The mother, who did not want to be named, said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes – it was worse than anything you could see at the cinema, truly horrifying. A lot of work has been done to collect these fights on a clip. How could someone be so heartless?”

The film shows the blonde victim being assaulted by a girl with short black hair.

She is first knocked to the ground with a punch to the face before having her head slammed against the road.

As she desperately tries to get to her feet, the other girl knees her in the face – followed by 14 other kicks to the head before the victim finally lies unmoving on the ground.

The video includes at least five bloody brawls, many between boys and girls as young as 13 in school uniform. They swing punches and aim kicks at each other while jeering crowds record the action on their phones.

We don’t need a Colosseum to watch Christians being fed to lions. We can do that now on every street corner and broadcast it around the world on the Internet.

Like this:

Happy slap town

Quote: Joan Collins

May 16, 2008

Yes, the actress. Shut up. It’s good.

Joan Collins: the day I said no to James Bond

Ian Fleming was a species almost extinct today – an aspirational writer. Men wanted to be James Bond, and women wanted to be the glamour-puss that James Bond would be attracted to. Nowadays, we seem to be spurning the very thought of being smooth, suave and sophisticated, and seem to prefer the dull reality of T-shirts and Doc Marten’s. You can see the decay of aspiration from the Promenade des Anglais to the Sunset Strip: shirtless louts and mini-skirted slags drunk and vociferous, behaving badly because they know no better and have no one to look up to.

That’s from a three-screen article. Go read. I howled over her description of Las Vegas tourists.

Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch Backup/Sync

May 16, 2008

PhoneView for iPhone and iPod Touch

It’s not exactly an iPhone/iPod Touch version of Palm Desktop, but it’ll do!

Ecamm releases renamed PhoneView

PhoneView gives me an easy way to move data onto and off of the iPhone media partition and has been delivering this functionality reliably despite a series of Apple iPhone firmware releases. It lets me add notes, browse and grab images, look through my call data and more.

aigo/Gigabyte M528 MID: First Review

May 16, 2008

This is the one Intel MID that excited me earlier this year.

Then the proposed price crushed me.

Now it’s in someone’s hands: Hand on with aigo MID by UMPCFever

The two key things are:

The Qwerty keyboard is larger than TyTN II’s but I think it is not suitable for long time input as similar as I usually do on my TyTN II and ex-phone Hermes.

Although the keyboard of aigo MID is designed for thumbs typing, it seems a little bit wider for easily access to the middle keys of the keyboard.

Maybe my hands are not that big enough to handle it or that’s why I can type very fast using the small qwerty keyboard in TyTN II and Hermes.

It still much much better to use a on-screen keyboard for long message typing.

Hmmm … bad news on the keyboard.

So, OK then, what about that great battery life, eh?

However, the battery life does not show what Intel promised (theoretically)~~ I don’t see 10 times longer in battery life~~(that is for sure >.< )

The battery capacity is 2700mAh, 3.7V (~10Wh). For a normal use, surfing internet with Wifi on and simple text input may give you about 2 hours operating time. Even worse than EeePC 900 and Kohjinsha SR8 !!! However, I did not count exactly the running time. Hope I will have time to test it again (both in Windows and Linux environments)

Two freaking hours?!!?

At this point, there’s no … um … advantage to this over an HTC Advantage or an iPod Air.

How do they expect to sell any of these if:

1) The price is a multiple of an iPod Touch (which, face it, is a MID — and more!)

2) The battery life is the suck?

Over at the link, there’s also an unboxing video and here’s a huge photo gallery.

An Example Of iPhone/iPod Touch Keyboard Lag

May 16, 2008

This is a video demonstrating a social network for iPhone users called Plazes, over at TechCrunch.

At about forty seconds in, you can see the kind of keyboard lag and freeze I mentioned here and here and here and here.


By the way, Plazes seems to be a lot like GyPSii.

Previously here:

Reference: GyPSii For iPhone

YahooMail Is Still Screwed

May 16, 2008

Lots of delays again today.

Thirty seconds to open an email.

Thirty seconds to get the Compose form.

Thirty seconds for it to be sent.

Thirty seconds to get the Check Mail screen.

What hell are they doing over there?!

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #103

May 16, 2008

Fed’s Direct Loans to Banks Climb to Record Level (Update2)

May 15 (Bloomberg) — The Federal Reserve’s direct loans of cash to commercial banks climbed to the highest level on record in the past week as money-losing lenders increasingly turn to the central bank for funds.

Funds provided through the so-called discount window for banks rose by $2.8 billion to a daily average of $14.4 billion in the week to May 14, the central bank said today in Washington. Separately, the Fed’s loans to Wall Street bond dealers rose by $75 million to $16.6 billion.

And here’s the scam at work:

Net Miss

There was one net miss, on May 14, the Fed said. A net miss occurs when the actual reserve level in the banking system diverges from the Fed’s projections for a day by $2 billion or more. If the level is outside expectations, the federal funds rate can deviate from target.

The central bank also reported that the M2 measure of money supply rose by $1.1 billion in the week ended May 5. That left M2 growing at an annual rate of 6.7 percent for the past 52 weeks, above the target of 5 percent the Fed once set for maximum growth. The Fed no longer has a formal target.

The Fed reports two measures of the money supply each week. M1 includes all currency held by consumers and companies for spending, money held in checking accounts and travelers checks. M2, the more widely followed, adds savings and private holdings in money market mutual funds.

During the latest reporting week, M1 fell by $7 billion. Over the past 52 weeks, M1 declined 0.1 percent. The Fed no longer publishes figures for M3.

Emphasis added by me.

“The Fed no longer has a formal target.” — in other words, things are so out of whack, they have to get rid all past measures and limits.

“The Fed no longer publishes figures for M3.” — let’s not tell the children.

Let me paint you a picture.

A stumbling drunk is trying to cross a multi-lane highway. By sheer dumb luck he has missed getting smashed by any of the hundreds of speeding cars. But he still has lanes to go to get to the other side.

That drunk is our economy.

Prepare for our flattening.