aigo/Gigabyte M528 MID: First Review

This is the one Intel MID that excited me earlier this year.

Then the proposed price crushed me.

Now it’s in someone’s hands: Hand on with aigo MID by UMPCFever

The two key things are:

The Qwerty keyboard is larger than TyTN II’s but I think it is not suitable for long time input as similar as I usually do on my TyTN II and ex-phone Hermes.

Although the keyboard of aigo MID is designed for thumbs typing, it seems a little bit wider for easily access to the middle keys of the keyboard.

Maybe my hands are not that big enough to handle it or that’s why I can type very fast using the small qwerty keyboard in TyTN II and Hermes.

It still much much better to use a on-screen keyboard for long message typing.

Hmmm … bad news on the keyboard.

So, OK then, what about that great battery life, eh?

However, the battery life does not show what Intel promised (theoretically)~~ I don’t see 10 times longer in battery life~~(that is for sure >.< )

The battery capacity is 2700mAh, 3.7V (~10Wh). For a normal use, surfing internet with Wifi on and simple text input may give you about 2 hours operating time. Even worse than EeePC 900 and Kohjinsha SR8 !!! However, I did not count exactly the running time. Hope I will have time to test it again (both in Windows and Linux environments)

Two freaking hours?!!?

At this point, there’s no … um … advantage to this over an HTC Advantage or an iPod Air.

How do they expect to sell any of these if:

1) The price is a multiple of an iPod Touch (which, face it, is a MID — and more!)

2) The battery life is the suck?

Over at the link, there’s also an unboxing video and here’s a huge photo gallery.

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One Comment on “aigo/Gigabyte M528 MID: First Review”

  1. danc Says:

    “1) The price is a multiple of an iPod Touch (which, face it, is a MID — and more!)”

    Exactly! All these folks need to realize that they are ALREADY playing catch-up!

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