Sick England: Happy Slapping

Happy Slapping in the UK- comment by Richard Grannon

‘Happy-slapping’ video shows teenage girl being kicked in the face in playground attack

The mother, who did not want to be named, said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes – it was worse than anything you could see at the cinema, truly horrifying. A lot of work has been done to collect these fights on a clip. How could someone be so heartless?”

The film shows the blonde victim being assaulted by a girl with short black hair.

She is first knocked to the ground with a punch to the face before having her head slammed against the road.

As she desperately tries to get to her feet, the other girl knees her in the face – followed by 14 other kicks to the head before the victim finally lies unmoving on the ground.

The video includes at least five bloody brawls, many between boys and girls as young as 13 in school uniform. They swing punches and aim kicks at each other while jeering crowds record the action on their phones.

We don’t need a Colosseum to watch Christians being fed to lions. We can do that now on every street corner and broadcast it around the world on the Internet.

Like this:

Happy slap town

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