Gasoline On May 18, 2008

The last time I did a separate post for this was March 15, 2008 (which, going back to that post, I saw I typoed as 2007!; fixed now.)

Location: Satan Staten Island, NY

The price of Super Unleaded was $3.61 per gallon.

Today it’s a whopping $4.25 per gallon!

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3 Comments on “Gasoline On May 18, 2008”

  1. Travis Says:

    $3.67 here in Shoreline Washington at ARCO and Costco.

  2. Rich Says:

    This is more evidence that the marines are in the wrong countries. Why aren’t they in Saudi Arabia securing our oil?

  3. mikecane Says:

    @Rich: It’s not “our” oil, it’s theirs. Also, I’d rather have our scientists in a crash program to develop alternate means of energy so we can drop our dependence on oil by at least 90% (that 10% is for things like plastic manufacturing). If we could do the Manhattan Project for a *bomb*, we can damn well do it for *energy*.

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