A Reminder: Homey Still Don’t Play Dat

Someone today — someone with the initials Judie Lipsett — asked if I would be interested in doing a hardware review of some undescribed — but probably pocketable — device.

I sent her to a prior post: The “Columbo Moment” Is Killing Me!

That still stands.

There are tech posts here as I collect information and think out loud about future hardware purchases.

As purchases are made, the tech posts will drop off.

Writing a review is a black hole that sucks up every minute of time and which also produces nights of ill sleep as my mind churns and churns and churns over What I Might Have Missed or What I Think I Should Also Try.

Because I take reviewing seriously.

Reviews are supposed to be used as guides by people parting with their hard-earned (or easily stolen!) cash.

That’s a heavy burden to ask me to carry.

It’s one thing if I buy something for myself and then happen to blahblahblah (or bitchbitchbitch) about my use of it.

I’m simply describing what I’m doing, not what a review demands: which is permutation upon permutation.

Many said permutations being what I have no interest in doing or would never ever do (hello, you Exchange Mail server users, I cast my evil gaze upon you!).

When it comes to, let’s say, the HTC Advantage, all my questions are personal use ones. I have no interest, for instance, in how it’d perform as an MP3 player. I have no interest in swapping mail with a distant server via a specialized client. My interests are narrow and specific and task-based.

Some of those questions are ones I’ve had for the iPhone too.

So, no hardware reviews here — or anywhere.

Now, if only Steve Jobs would save my frikkin soul by revealing an iPod Air next month!

Damn you two!! Stop that!!!

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