James Kendrick On Microsoft Windows Vista

I need Vista, I like OS X

The situation with Vista is quite a different matter because it is the operating system that is running most of the computers I use. It is running four computers in my office right now and I depend on it to get work done. I don’t blame Microsoft when I have hardware problems because they don’t make hardware and it would be silly to do so. But I do blame them quite fairly when the OS doesn’t do what I need it to do especially when I believe it is something that it should do properly My heavy usage of Vista-running PCs exposes me to a lot of situations when Vista drives me crazy. I’m not going to get into specifics here because that’s not the purpose of this article but it is a hard, cold fact that every single day something happens on one of my PCs that makes me angry at Vista. That’s a terrible thing to say about any product but it’s absolutely true. At least once a day I end up saying “I hate Vista” because I’m trying to do something and Vista gets in my way to get it done.

For Kendrick to write that, things must be FAIL bad.

This is a man who loves Microsoft products and has used them as long as I’ve known him. (Look at how he torments me with the HTC Advantage!)

I’ve followed the posts he’s made since he first started using Vista. They’ve documented a heightening frustration.

But still, I never expected what he wrote today!

For James Kendrick, that’s going nuclear!

If Microsoft doesn’t now understand that its future is in dire jeopardy and that Vista’s problems must be addressed right now, if they don’t see this as a slap in the face to wake them up, then we can count on that company to join Nokia in the Dead Pool within the next five years.

Microsoft can keep issuing Wunnerful, Wunnerful Vista press releases — but I’ll take James Kendrick’s word over theirs any day.

So should you.

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One Comment on “James Kendrick On Microsoft Windows Vista”

  1. Greg Says:

    I agree Microsoft should be able to ship an OS that has good security and is not slow and does not crash frequently (I know it’s a lot to ask).

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