I Am Surrounded By Assassins!

James Kendrick announces that Matthew Miller has posted his HTC Advantage X7510 review.

Wayne Schulz over at Gear Diary sees Kendrick’s hand and raises by linking to several reviews.

I wonder if Judie Lipsett realizes someone at her site is in cahoots with Kendrick?

Kendrick: Hold it close to the screen! Taunt him! Taunt him!!!
Tofel: Squeeeeee!

Previously here:

The Asus e900 Crushes The HTC Advantage

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2 Comments on “I Am Surrounded By Assassins!”

  1. geardiary Says:

    Ha! I am the one that edited Wayne’s post to include all the others. I hope the list will be much longer soon. I like that there are so many different perspectives of the same device available. :-)

  2. mikecane Says:

    Traitoress! Did you get your Most Valuable Fiend sticker from Kendrick yet?

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