Keyboards: MSI Wind Vs. Asus EeePC

JK on the Run posted Asus to debut 10-inch EEE PC next week- is this too big?

In the Comments there was this troubling assertion:

I wouldn’t count on the Wind’s keyboard being any better than the Eee. While the machine itself is larger, the keyboard is, roughly, the same size as the Eee Pc’s.

OK, that made me pause.

I couldn’t stand that thought and I just had to find out for myself.

The only picture I had on hand (note: on hand; maybe there’s a better one I’ve missed!) for immediate comparison is this one from PC Home:

I stripped out the two keyboards:

Then did the best straightening job I could (I didn’t bother with skew as that would have made the images even worse):

And here’s the verdict:

It looks a hell of a lot bigger to me!

Further, I direct people to my earlier post: Update 3: Subnotebook Dimensions which shows the hp Mini Note above the MSI Wind.

hp Mini Note (2133) – source: hp specs
10.04″ x 6.5″ x 1.05″ – 2.8 lbs

MSI Wind – source: I4U News
10.23″ x 7.08″ x 0.748″ – 1.24″ -2.3 lbs (Linux), 2.6 lbs (XP)

Q.E.D., I think.

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One Comment on “Keyboards: MSI Wind Vs. Asus EeePC”

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