Month Five Is Dead

This is the final post of May. I went to YouTube to find something fitting. I had hoped for something Gerry Anderson-related. Or maybe music.

But I found my fingers typing in “Jeff Hawkins.”

And look what I found:

Computing Beyond Turing – Jeff Hawkins

I don’t put this here to continue snarking over the failed Foleo.

This is about his thinkware project, Numenta, which I find fascinating.

It’s a one hour and thirteen minute talk. And only 258 people have been smart enough to watch it.

I think you lot are smart enough to appreciate it.

So go watch.

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One Comment on “Month Five Is Dead”

  1. ramin Says:

    Thanks for this. Really outstanding find.

    I downloaded it to the iPhone so I could watch it again later. I did a lot of work in AI during its second big wave (when Lisp was still in vogue) but got disillusioned with the rate of progress.

    Every few years, someone picks up the rock and tries pushing it up the hill again. This feels like the early stages of another big push.

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