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nVidia Tegra Reference Design

June 2, 2008

Video of a MID? a phone? a whatsit from nVidia touting its new Tegra CPU.

I’m playing catchup and had to post this. Some spiffy stuff there.

nVidia Tegra 晶片實機效能展示

The Scan That Ate Monday

June 2, 2008

I ran Ad-Aware 2008.

I ran Spybot Search & Destroy.

Then I ran avast! anti-virus.

When I said this stuff would take hours, I damn well meant it!

Here are the avast! stats:

529,320 files
7,907 folders
65.1GB of data
7:38:38 run time

Now I want all you people out there who are drooling about the prospect of terrabyte home servers to ponder that.

When you have a terrabyte drive holding a few million files, how damn long will that scan take? A weekend? Half a week? A whole week?

I’ve been running avast! all the time. It still wound up finding two frikkin adware files and a damned Win32 trojan horse that I’m still not sure it was able to exterminate!

Spybot found that same Win32 trojan horse and claimed it had deleted it!

Times like these make me despise technology.

No blogging today.

Problems Everywhere On The Net?!!?

June 2, 2008

I can’t post to my Blogger backup blog.

Also, I’ve been getting Google server error messages when I try to connect to several different unrelated sites.

Plus, WordPress is also slow.

Is there some sort of war going on in the pipes that hasn’t hit the news yet?

Teleread Is Offline Due To Data Center Woes

June 2, 2008

David Rothman’s must-read ebook site, teleread, is currently offline.

Apparently it’s part of that data center fire that recently took place.

I hope they can get his site back online soon!

Blog Notes: WordPress Is Groggy

June 2, 2008

None of my JPEGs are loading.

Blogging will begin late today.

I ran CCLeaner yesterday. It found close to half a gig of crap to delete.

Ad-Aware 2007 found 337 “infections.” Now I see there’s a new free Ad-Aware 2008. I’m downloading that and will run that too.

I have to do some more scans and they take hours.

If WordPress persists in misbehaving, go to the Blogger backup blog for graphics.