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MSI Caves In To My Threat

June 3, 2008

You better see my tongue in cheek there.

Tiffany Lin, Marketing Specialist for MSI in California, emailed me:

The Windows version of the Wind is priced at $499 MSRP, and will be available for purchase starting June 16th, 2008 at The Linux based models of the Wind will be available at the same site later this summer for $399 MSRP.

And we may be able to release more retailers’ info for carrying the Wind NB shortly.

I hope so!

I’m not going to buy it without feeling up that keyboard.

The hp Mini Note was promising but its keyboard and weight disqualified it.

The Lenovo U110 sounded soooo good but its keyboard killed it for me.

I would have been very disappointed had I bought either of those sight unseen.

I don’t want that to happen with the MSI Wind.

Besides, I can have that Asus e900 to fall back on.

Zemanta, No Thanks

June 3, 2008

This concludes my experiement with Zemanta.

It might be useful for people who have no frikkin idea what they’re doing.

But it’s not for me.

We Lost Some History. Did You Notice?

June 3, 2008

Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily reveals stomach-churning news of one-of-a-kind items being destroyed and lost forever in that weekend fire at Universal Studios.

In chronological order:

URGENT! Universal Studios Backlot Fire: NYC Streetscape & King Kong Destroyed; Video Vault Damaged But Film Vault Safe

2ND UPDATE: Uni Blaze Burns Music History

Uni Fire Burned 100% Of Archived 35mm Prints; Negatives Still Intact, However; But Art Houses & Film Societies Impacted

Perhaps worse than anything else: We might never know everything that’s been lost!

Judie Lipsett’s Henchman FAILS!

June 3, 2008

The Herald Return of The H/PC – Review of the HTC Advantage X7510

This is a very long review of the latest version of the HTC Advantage.

And it’s only at least part one! It covers just the hardware.

In a few weeks or so, there will be another part detailing the software. The delay is due to HTC handing out freebies at Mobius that lacked the final ROM.

Anyway, Judie, your henchman failed in tempting me! UberFiend James Kendrick will take away your Most Valuable Fiend designation now!

Haha, immunity is a great thing.

The Three Things People Are In A Frenzy Over

June 3, 2008

1) Apple
2) MSI Wind
3) Google’s Android

Hello! Doesn’t anyone read books?

I guess that will happen when people can buy ebooks for the iPhone or Android phone!


Veoh Raises More Money

June 3, 2008

Veoh Gets Its $30M from Intel and Adobe


I’ve recommended Veoh before.

I do so again.

Veoh doesn’t use OpenID, but it’s so good that I do have an account there.

You should too.

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Uh-Oh. Suits Invading Net Video Space.

Here’s A Very Smart Guy!

June 3, 2008

StarF*#ked. (or, how not to handle forgotten password recovery flow during a massive promotion)

i will say it again: mainstream america’s #1 problem is NOT

“data portability” or some mistaken notion of privacy management or keeping my personal info out of the clutches of Microsoft, Facebook, Google, or anyone else.

rather, it’s:

“fuck, i forgot my password”.

YES! Exactly!

That is why I refuse to use any new service that doesn’t use OpenID from the start!

I have three OpenIDs. One at Yahoo, one at Google, and one at WordPress.

My God, the amount of time they’ve saved!

And since I use all three daily, there’s no chance of me forgetting any of them.

But go ahead, try to ask me to remember a fourth — and you FAIL!

What makes your service so damned special that I have to set up a damned account and password?

Guess what: your service isn’t special.

Get over yourself. Put in OpenID at the start!

Quote: Meghan Clark

June 3, 2008

MSI Wind vs. HP Mini-Note XP – Which Boots Faster?

Every second you sit there waiting for your laptop to boot is another moment you’ll wish you had back when you’re lying on your deathbed and your life is flashing before your eyes.

(Personally, I’ve got 7:38:38 I want back!)

Want Hot Tech News Today?

June 3, 2008

Don’t look for it here.

Computex is happening and I don’t intend to post about each new frikkin thing.

I leave that for poor Steve (aka Chippy) to deal with over at UMPC Portal and for JKK to wrestle with over at jkkmobile. There’s also JK on the Run, Liliputing, whatever Joanna Stern and her associates post on the Laptop magazine blog, and all the others listed in my Bookmarks.

My head will be spinning along with yours as all of them get up all the latest information.

I intend to sit things out until the end of the day and might not even post anything about it then.

I Am Doing Some Phantom Blogging Today

June 3, 2008

Via the dreaded techmeme, I found out about this strange thing called Zemanta (where do these names come from?!).

There’s a demo area here.

So far I’ve popped text from two posts into it and it gave some intriguing results.

I was very impressed that for this post it correctly parsed product names and captured the URLs. I only wish it could insert those URLs into the post text too! That’d be a real timesaver (and isn’t that wtf computing is supposed to be all about?!). It seems to be able to plop in graphics that it suggests. So why not URLs?!

It’s a browser plug-in and apparently will work with WordPress and Blogger.

I’m not keen on sticking another plug-in into Firefox, however. And I have doubts that it could handle both blogging platforms at the same time. I’ve never come across anyone similarly stupid (or paranoid) as me to blog in “stereo.”

Besides, blogging in “stereo” requires me to manually edit the Previously here URLs to reflect each blog. If Zemanta could do that, I’d near pass out in ecstasy.

For each post today, I’m going to drop the text into that demo and see what results.