Google’s Android To Conquer By Infiltration?

Jason Chen answers questions about Android

Once version 1.0 comes out and the source is available, anyone in the world will be able to download and port Android to any phone (or other device) they want.


This is one area in which Android could trump all others OSes. That can’t be done with Palm OS, Windows Mobile (although there has been a movement of cooking ROMs for that platform). No one’s done it with Maemo (then again, who’d want to?).

Will anyone Android the Palm Treo? Centro?

The iPod Touch?

The iPhone? (Steve Jobs, forgive my blasphemy!)

Could Android make my frikkin LifeDrive worthwhile again?

There’s already a video showing it running — kinda sorta — on an HTC Advantage.

What else will it show up on?

Oh dear god no!! The Talkie Toaster! Toast by Google!

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3 Comments on “Google’s Android To Conquer By Infiltration?”

  1. Sam Says:

    There’s no doubt Android will be popular with software developers. But will users want it? I haven’t seen anything compelling it would offer users yet beyond what’s available everywhere else…

  2. Jeff Says:

    Well, I think you got it right in an earlier post (sort of)… I think it is down to Google and Apple (in the mobile phone space) and Microsoft has proven that it “once” had the computing industry in lock but failed to follow through on innovation… I think we will see some new competitors in the OS scene soon enough… about the time Microsoft goes the way of the dinosaur you should see some new OS’s start to sprout up… It’s going to take some time for them to mature… but nonetheless I see Apple sharing the computing industry with whomever wants to engage in some friendly competition… Historically it has been Apple who has “embraced” Microsoft and not the other way around… Hence the “Darling” attachment to the Apple image…

  3. John Says:

    My first impression is that this will appeal to the Linux crowd; an open platform that they can tinker with. Most people aren’t interested in that. They just want something to work. And they want someone to support them if there are problems. Will there be a Google store in every major city to help you when the phone locks up?

    The long shot is that by releasing this to thousands of developers someone will create some fantastic application that will drive millions and millions of people to buy one.

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