Here’s A Very Smart Guy!

StarF*#ked. (or, how not to handle forgotten password recovery flow during a massive promotion)

i will say it again: mainstream america’s #1 problem is NOT

“data portability” or some mistaken notion of privacy management or keeping my personal info out of the clutches of Microsoft, Facebook, Google, or anyone else.

rather, it’s:

“fuck, i forgot my password”.

YES! Exactly!

That is why I refuse to use any new service that doesn’t use OpenID from the start!

I have three OpenIDs. One at Yahoo, one at Google, and one at WordPress.

My God, the amount of time they’ve saved!

And since I use all three daily, there’s no chance of me forgetting any of them.

But go ahead, try to ask me to remember a fourth — and you FAIL!

What makes your service so damned special that I have to set up a damned account and password?

Guess what: your service isn’t special.

Get over yourself. Put in OpenID at the start!

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