I Am Doing Some Phantom Blogging Today

Via the dreaded techmeme, I found out about this strange thing called Zemanta (where do these names come from?!).

There’s a demo area here.

So far I’ve popped text from two posts into it and it gave some intriguing results.

I was very impressed that for this post it correctly parsed product names and captured the URLs. I only wish it could insert those URLs into the post text too! That’d be a real timesaver (and isn’t that wtf computing is supposed to be all about?!). It seems to be able to plop in graphics that it suggests. So why not URLs?!

It’s a browser plug-in and apparently will work with WordPress and Blogger.

I’m not keen on sticking another plug-in into Firefox, however. And I have doubts that it could handle both blogging platforms at the same time. I’ve never come across anyone similarly stupid (or paranoid) as me to blog in “stereo.”

Besides, blogging in “stereo” requires me to manually edit the Previously here URLs to reflect each blog. If Zemanta could do that, I’d near pass out in ecstasy.

For each post today, I’m going to drop the text into that demo and see what results.

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