American Tech Companies: Wake Up!

I must quote myself:

Here’s an object lesson for every American company: the world no longer revolves around you!


All those Asian companies building all the stuff that goes into American products? Those Asian companies can put them together into cheaper and better systems themselves.

And as Asus has shown — and now MSI as well — they can generate their own cool.

I’m beginning to feel like frikkin Clyde Prestowitz here.

Japan ate Detroit for lunch.

Now Taiwan is coming after Silicon Valley.

Look at this:

Asus Virtual to Real概念機種

Another view:

ASUS concept demo

And if that simple thing didn’t worry you, this should:

Asus Real to Virtual概念影片

If that didn’t do it, consider what Mary Lou Jepsen said:

In essence, the future of computing is all about the screens.

Apple showed that with the iPhone.

Now Asus is taking it steps further, with larger screens.

All of you techmemers salivating over the Internet on a big-screen HDTV: How do you think ordinary non-tech people will interact with it? A keyboard? A Wiimote-like magic wand?

Asus knows.

Do you?

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