Blog Notes: Fewer Posts Than Planned

There were at least five more posts I wanted to do today.

But XP SP3 had other plans for this PC.

The amount of slowdown that’s been happening is beyond belief.

XP after SP2 was no speed demon, but Christ, SP3 makes this PC into a spastic cripple!

Just opening the My Pictures folder, I dreaded going to thumbnail view because it would be as if it never, ever generated the thumbnails before. It would be as if it was seeing everything for the first time and generating them on the spot. This happened every damn time I accessed My Pictures or one of the photo-filled folders within it! What the hell did Microsoft do that it does that with SP3?!

I could really push Firefox and get ten to fifteen tabs open. Now I get Firefox freezing up with between five to seven tabs! (Before SP2, I could do twenty or more tabs. Houston, are we seeing a pattern here?)

I also wound up losing sound in YouTube videos. That’s when the videos would play. I’ve accessed YouTube videos and just had them sit there. Even refreshing the page wouldn’t summon them to life.

Yes, I know Firefox has a memory leak and can be a pig, but it was never as bad as it’s been under SP3. And Firefox has nothing to do with the retarded behavior of the My Pictures folder! (Which, by the way, I can now hardly even open if I have Firefox also running!)

And I just remembered: I use Photo Toolkit. It integrates into Windows Explorer so I can pick a thumbnail and do what I need to it right on the spot: rescale, resample, or crop, really piss-poor basic stuff that doesn’t demand a lot of CPU. SP3 nearly killed the use of that program too. It would be as if time was elongated and what used to take seconds under SP2 now took minutes. I’d have to just reboot the system and try to start from scratch.

SP3 is a disaster for anyone with a basic home system.

Because I want to have some sleep tonight, I don’t intend to start the eviction proceedings against SP3 until tomorrow morning.

I’m really beginning to hope the Linux people get their act together. Microsoft is an obese pig sending fat spoiled children into the world.

Microsoft will kill the cheap subnote market if they are allowed to dominate it with Windows.

We need an alternative to them.

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