Die Microsoft Die! Eat Your SP3 And Diiiie!

Ever since I installed Windows XP SP3, this computer has been driving me mad.

I spent over seven hours doing a scan to make sure there weren’t things lurking about gnawing away at the innards of the PC.

I’m now certain what I’m experiencing is due to Microsoft.

What the hell did you lot do? How much more frikkin RAM does XP now take?

I can have just about a third of the tabs open in Firefox I used to have. Things slow to a crawl very quickly now.

I have to kill the Firefox process because everything becomes so jammed up.

I see much more hard disk activity, which means there’s a hell of a lot of virtual memory swapping going on.

The entire PC slows so damn badly that I now have to quit everydamnthing and actually reboot at least three times a day!

How the hell do you guys make decisions over there? Do you ever think about people who aren’t sitting in front of PCs with multiple cores running the same multiple of GHz with gobs and gobs and gobs of RAM? Have you ever heard of a frikkin budget? A memory budget? What makes you think everyone has unlimited RAM, unlimited CPU cycles, unlimited hard drive space?

I know I’m simply ranting here, because these are the same overpaid, overconfident, smug eejits who think Vista is worth using! Vista — which even Microsoft devotee and MVP Fiend Kendrick has gotten fed up with!

Well congratufuckinglations, Microsoft! You’ve made me begin to get fed up with XP just as Kendrick got fed up with Vista!

Does everything you lot touch have to turn to utter bloated shit?

Really, you need someone to walk around with a Taser and make you sons of bitches consider people with everyday PCs. Every superfluous wizzware you tried to slip in gets a Tasering — in your damned skulls! Maybe some on-the-fly ECT will make you finally wake up!

I’m no hard-core techie, so I ask the question: Is there any way I can evict SP3 from this PC and go back to SP2?!!?


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3 Comments on “Die Microsoft Die! Eat Your SP3 And Diiiie!”

  1. Bill Gates Says:

    Please don’t hate me.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Yeah, I always thought you’d be a whiny crybaby in the pinch.

  3. I Hate Microsoft Says:

    I’ve got a Core 2 Quad running Linux at 3.4 GHz. Google web pages fly by in a blur, but Microsoft Developer Network pages make it look like I’m back on a Pentium 90. One of the companies I contract for uses a Microsoft cluster to make sure one of two servers is always running the services. The clustering service has caused at least 3x more down time in 6 months than we would have experienced if we had skipped clustering and ran everything off of the node with the bad motherboard!

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