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So What’s Up Here Then?

June 5, 2008

After having emails to him bounced, I finally went over to Foo Fighter/Kent Pribbernow’s Pocket Factory site and I get this:

Which is it:

1) He’s gone into hock to fund a software venture

2) He’s suckered enticed investors to fund a software venture

3) He got rich selling the URL

4) He forgot to renew the URL and someone else jumped on it

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

Where In The World Is … ?

June 5, 2008

“Encounter at Farpoint” by D.C. Fontana and Gene Roddenberry


Riker moving as if seeking someone. He intercepts a YOUNG ENSIGN who is passing and the junior officer sees Riker’s emblem of rank and snaps to attention.

Ensign, can you help me find Commander Data? I was told he’s somewhere on this deck.

This way, sir.


As the Ensign steps to a black surface of the corridor wall.

You must be new to these galaxy class starships, sir.

(puts hand on the black surface, saying)

Tell me the location of Commander Data.

At the touch and the words “Tell me” the black surface comes alive with light patterns showing appropriate information.

Lieutenant Commander Data… now located in Holodeck area 4-J.

(indicating readout)
And as you see, sir, it’s pointing you that way.

Go that way? How far?

You’ll know, sir.

Riker AD LIBS a thanks, goes in the indicated direction.

See it at 5:27 in this clip:

ST:TNG 1×01-1×02 Encounter at Farpoint part 6

And it’s news that cellphones will do that …

iPhone/iPod Touch Gets vlc. I Plotz!

June 5, 2008

The VLC media player brought to iPhone/iPod Touch!

VLC by is a popular multi-format video and audio player for a wide variety of systems. Within the past few days I have successfully ported over VLC to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. I have also built and used my ogg4iphone frontend for vlc4iphone.

What is vlc4iphone capable of? At the moment it may be limited by only a small handfull of decoders, but soon that list will grow! It currently allows you to drag and drop the following popular media formats onto your iPhone/iPod Touch for playback: MPEG / MPG,AVI,MP3.

It also supports some lesser known media formats.

Soon it will play: FLAC,OGG

I am also researching playback of: VCD,DivX,WMA,WMV

Oh man oh man oh man oh man.

Get XViD on there too!

I use vlc for just about everything on my desktop. Whenever you see a screensnap from a video, 99% of the time that’s the handiwork of vlc.

It’s listed in the Software section of my Bookmarks as something I’ll be putting on whatever subnote I eventually get.

I wonder if the Core Media Player people are working on an iPhone/iPod Touch player? I just sent them an email to ask.

Windows XP – SP3 = Happy Happy Joy Joy

June 5, 2008

I have twenty one tabs open in Firefox.

The most I could get with SP3 was about seven.

Go bite yourself, Microsoft!

Everybody sing!

happy happy joy joy

Happier happier joyer joyer — I had twenty two tabs open. The last one was YouTube for that video!

Nigerians Pose As Chinese Suppliers

June 5, 2008

Been out and about in the electric tubes doing some research and came across those cagey Nigerians now posing as Chinese goods suppliers.

Heed this advice:

Sending Money Via Western Union Type Service: A Scam Every Time

There are so many scammers on internet, it can be downright hard work trying to find the legitimate ones. So let me give you the best advice I possibly can: I do not care what someone tells you, how many pictures of their “alleged” products they have, as soon as they mention the word “Western Union” or any other type of money wiring, IT IS A SCAM.

These types of services are for

1. People that do not have bank accounts

2. Money as a gift

3. To pay a bill (i.e. car payment).

If you send someone money this way, plan on never getting it back. Legitimate companies will NEVER EVER ask you to pay this way.(Ask yourself, when have you ever bought something from a store, and you “Moneygrammed” your payment for it?) If you need more proof, just browse through this forum of hundreds of people that are trying to find ways to get their money back.

This is my recent experience: I was dealing with a company I thought was legit. I checked them out on the internet, and it was an actual electronics company in Hong Kong. However, this guy had a free yahoo address(Why not have an email address from the company?) And when I checked out the IP address from the emails, they were traced to Nigeria. Then when he sent an email stating that method of Payment was Western Union, I knew he was a scammer. Also, the name he said to wire the money to was completely different, a ‘Aletor Itua’; When I searched this name, I found endless articles of people being scammed from this same person. For fun, I emailed the scammer, telling him that I won’t do Western Union, and recommended This is the email I received back:

“this is my HONG KONG NATIONAL ID CARD,i have never done this before not even to the most trusted customer i will not send my ID card to that person the reason is that here in HONG KONG anyone could be easily located and arrested wherever you are so everyone here in HONG KONG do not give out there ID CARD but i have decided do this because of what you said in the content of your first mail and you wanted someone who could work with you to achieve success . The person that taught you and gave you all those informations are very correct but i want to inform you that if there are bad people in business there are also good people , 10 bad fruits on a tree does not make the whole fruits on the tree bad i want to assure you of a good deal you just wait and see also i want you to know that western union is not established for bad transaction western union is a legal means , but bad people just want to make it bad also do you know that there have been recent reports of cheat via paypal, escrow mr peter with this email [redacted] was cheated of about 13,000 dolars via paypal escrow but when he met me today he his happy as he bought goods worth 1800 dollars and he his happy in conclusion it is not method of payment that really matters what matters is the person that you wants to buy from , i have conscience oaky and i have promised myself to be good always and not cheat anyone i want to assure you that you are ina a safe hand just go ahead and send the money right now and give me the MTCN today and i will get back to your email with the FEDEX shipment tracking numkber today take me for my word i am expecting to hear from you N.B . please please please my national id card i send to you is my life please , i will send your item and also to the second address immediatelly i get the MTCN after you have your items i will require you to inform me . THANKS. Stephen Lai ”


We are all keeping the scammers thriving by falling for their tricks. Please, please please do your research, and keep your money safe by only dealing with legitimate companies with legitimate payment methods.

I had just got done wondering about all the listings I’d seen asking for Western Union, something called T/T, and bank wire transfer. I thought it strange that the Chinese did business that way.

It turns out they don’t!

Now I know.

And so do you.

Jeff Hawkins’ Brain Prediction Model Validated?

June 5, 2008

Key to All Optical Illusions Discovered

Humans can see into the future, says a cognitive scientist. It’s nothing like the alleged predictive powers of Nostradamus, but we do get a glimpse of events one-tenth of a second before they occur.

And the mechanism behind that can also explain why we are tricked by optical illusions.

Researcher Mark Changizi of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York says it starts with a neural lag that most everyone experiences while awake. When light hits your retina, about one-tenth of a second goes by before the brain translates the signal into a visual perception of the world.

Scientists already knew about the lag, yet they have debated over exactly how we compensate, with one school of thought proposing our motor system somehow modifies our movements to offset the delay.

Changizi now says it’s our visual system that has evolved to compensate for neural delays, generating images of what will occur one-tenth of a second into the future. That foresight keeps our view of the world in the present. It gives you enough heads up to catch a fly ball (instead of getting socked in the face) and maneuver smoothly through a crowd. His research on this topic is detailed in the May/June issue of the journal Cognitive Science,

From the website for his book On Intelligence:

What is intelligence if it isn’t defined by behavior?

The brain uses vast amounts of memory to create a model of the world. Everything you know and have learned is stored in this model. The brain uses this memory-based model to make continuous predictions of future events. It is the ability to make predictions about the future that is the crux of intelligence. I will describe the brain’s predictive ability in depth; it is the core idea in the book.

I wonder if Hawkins has a smile on his face today?

— via Warren Ellis

Previously here:

Month Five Is Dead

No iPod Air Next Week

June 5, 2008

Larger Apple multi-touch devices move beyond prototype stage

“We believe there is a 50% chance that a new form factor will be introduced, marking Apple’s entrance into the emerging “MID” or mobile internet device market,” American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a report to clients Thursday. “Our sources indicate 4-inch and 7-inch touchscreen devices beyond prototype stage that are a cross between a Mac and iPod touch.”

Nope. Apple won’t do it.

Next week is just about All iPhone All The Time.

The big news will be all the added features to the latest 3G version of the iPhone.

The other big news will be all the apps apps apps people will be able to buy.

Introducing something else would steal that spotlight.

Apple is focused on one goal at a time.

Next week’s goal is to sell those iPhones.

Anything else would not only distract from that, it would detract from that.

Steve Jobs is much too clever to sabotage himself.

We’ll begin to hear some solid murmurings about an iPod Air (or Mac Mini Touch or Mac Nano Touch) in July, when an update to the iSDK is made.

Leaks will come out indicating device resolution independence which will point to a larger screen device. There will also be some strange things that will point to seriously syncing devices.

There will also be hints of features that aren’t in either the iPod Touch or the iPhone. One of these might be handwriting recognition, but I seriously doubt that.

What I really expect is hardware keyboard support.

I don’t think we’ll be getting that at all with either the iPod Touch or the iPhone.

Apple can justify this by stating the iPod Touch is an entertainment device. And while the word “productivity” has been used in relation to the iPhone (as justification for it possessing Bluetooth while the iPod Touch lacks it), I think that word can be sliced to mean “light productivity.”

A Bluetooth keyboard would mean actual productivity: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations (basically anything contained in the iWork suite).

It’s clear the current Apple Bluetooth keyboard is not the one that will be paired which such a device. The aesthetic is simply wrong. I expect Apple to create another Bluetooth keyboard that will stylistically complement an iPod Air (or Mac Mini Touch or Mac Nano Touch).

So save your enthusiasm; focus it on the iPhone and the AppStore.

Once all that’s sorted out, you can expect Apple to make Back To School hardware noises.

Wow. Great Promotion, Guys. NOT!

June 5, 2008

Wow. I find out about this only today, when it’s already in Day Three?

Up yours. I’m not even going to link to it.

Department Of Justice: Microsoft Monopolism!

June 5, 2008

After evicting Windows SP3, I went back in to get rid of some Microsoft LIVE crap I’d installed.

And guess what I found still lurking behind from SP3?

Click = big

Microsoft’s bid to destroy Adobe: Microsoft Silverlight!

That’s right, even telling it to get rid of everything from SP3, Silverlight remains behind!

I never wanted it, I never asked for it, and I’m damn well not going to let them sneak their monopolistic crap onto my PC.

I kicked its ass out of my hard drive too!

And daaaaaaamn, after exterminating SP3, it’s like I have a whole new PC!

Buh-Bye Microsoft Windows SP3

June 5, 2008

I damn well was not not not kidding!

I get it cornered:

Click = big

The crybaby weasel bastard tries to take hostages:

I kicked the shit out of it anyway.

I don’t bend to threats, Microsoft!

Your SP3 shit is gone!

And the PC is immediately faster. Immediately!!!