That Creeping Feeling

Warren Ellis bumps into Rupert Sheldrake (but I don’t know if he knew that):


What if bacteria update over the air in a creeping wave across the surface of the earth?

On my rare giddy, optimistic days, I like to think that — just before I am sent into the eternal oblivion I desire — All Questions Will Be Answered.

Given the weird shit I’ve encountered in my life, I sneer whenever a scientist dismisses something as being “anecdotal.”

There should be a Statute of Limitations for “anecdotal evidence,” a tipping point, where X number of anecdotes equals Start Paying Attention To This, You Educated Into A Mental Straitjacket Eeejit.

They’ll discover — if my post-death explanation of all things actually comes to pass — how they managed to crush all of the strange exuberance of seething Life into something, to use Peggy Noonan’s term, “flat and thin.”

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