Blog Notes: Snipshot Test

Over at JK on the Run, Fiend Kevin C. Tofel posted: Is there a browser-based Snipping Tool? You betcha!

That tool, Snipshot, sounded intriguing, so I downloaded it and just installed it in Firefox.

This graphic is my first test of it:

That’s simply the Firefox logo (duh!) from the download page itself, proportionally stretch-resized.

Most of the graphics I use are on my hard drive. But sometimes I need to grab something off the Net. This could be helpful and let me skip the Photo Toolkit step in some instances.

OK, I just thought I should see if it could do what I use Photo Toolkit for. Here’s a test of something opened from my hard drive that was cropped and then resized in Snipshot. This is the kind of thing I do most of the time:

Dashblog is also recommended by Fiend Kevin. I downloaded that and was not pleased with my test. It didn’t actually upload a test image from another web page. It only linked back to it. I think that’s bandwidth siphoning. That’s not something I do. I upload to Blogger the same images I use here on WordPress, even though I could link back. I’ll have to see if there are other uses for Dashblog.

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