Reference: Live Net Video Via iPhone

Flixwagon Does Live Vidcasting on iPhone

From the FAQ:

What type of mobile phone do I need to broadcast my live videos?

Flixwagon is working toward making our technology available to anyone with a camera phone but as of now our product only works on the following model: Nokia Series 60 3rd edition.

What I don’t understand is why Google/YouTube hasn’t done this. Assuming an app will do .mp4 video, it would go straight up to YouTube.

Hint to Veoh: Work on something like this!

I’d love to have something like this that would allow me to save live video on a server. I can forsee using this to document police brutality, rotten store staff, muggings, etc, etc. The cops and crooks can confiscate or steal the iPhone, but the video would persist on the Internet, out of their paws.

Another hint to Veoh: Work on something like this!

Hey, Jobs, video recording absolutely must be part of iPhone 2009!

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