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R.I.P. Tim Russert

June 13, 2008


He was only 58! Fifty-eight!

For God’s sake! How is it these cardiac problems can go unnoticed until they suddenly happen?

We need a revolution in cardiac artery examinations. Invasive cardiac catherization is brutal and backwards.

A good time for all of you to read Tech Fiend James Kendrick’s cardiac adventure: From the Heart

This is open-heart surgery.

See that white tubular thing near the center of the picture?

That is a clog in an artery being pulled out!

Slam me if you think those pictures are in bad taste. But I’m certain that Russert would have rather been doing that instead of now being dead.

For All The Outsiders

June 13, 2008

This probably won’t last long, so enjoy it ASAP.

Ugly Duckling (1939)

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A Note About Tech Posts

June 13, 2008

Anyone who has followed this blog since the beginning (get help!) will see that I posted about the Everex Cloudbook several times and then just stopped.

That’s because I had found out all I needed to know about that device.

The same has now happened with most of the subnotes that were announced at the recent Computex.

All I need to still do is to fondle the Asus 901, the MSI Wind, and the Acer Aspire. And possibly that upcoming Dell subnotebook (the chances of said fondle will be slim, since Dell no longer does retail).

Otherwise, all of them are now coming with Windows XP preloaded, so I don’t expect much variation in their use aside from perhaps boot-up time and battery life.

So if you’ve been coming here for subnotebook posts, there will be very few of them from this point on.

And as for the latest Apple announcements, there’s not much I can add to what I’ve already posted or what others have posted. There are still loose ends and gaps for Apple to fill and maybe I’ll do a post about that. For all iPhone users, I heartily recommend Michael Connick’s Staying Connected blog. He has an uncanny knack of finding sites that have been optimized for the iPhone. I learn something new with each of his posts.

Million Dollar Password – 250K Bummer

June 13, 2008

This contestant’s attempt at winning $250,000 falls a little short

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He’s Not Spoiled. Our Political System Is.

June 13, 2008

“Don’t Run”

When I leave the voting booth in November, my hands will be clean.

What about yours?

Vote Nader 2008 website

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The End Of An Internet Era

June 13, 2008

Nothing to worry about, but I’m taking some time off

In his memory: Do it now!!