Palm Tricks Me Into Shilling Their Damn Centro

But I damn well won’t give it the front page!

You’ll have to click through for it.

I hate you for this, Palm.

Music Artists Using the Palm Centro

Up-and-coming Music Artists Jonathan Clay, Megan Hickey (The Last Town Chorus), John West and Alexa Wilkinson talk about how they have been using the Palm Centro smartphone to stay connected while traveling on the road.

They got to me through Megan Hickey of The Last Town Chorus, damn them.

Not that she knows me from squat, but I wrote about her once and Palm’s propagandists probably latched on to me being anal about things like that and this would get them a mention by me because of Megan.

They were right.

I hate you, Palm.

The Last Town Chorus MySpace — hear some of their music!

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