Space Hospital Now Has A Website!

I was lucky enough to cross the path of Space Hospital, a brilliant and hugely funny web series, before Stage 6 went into Electron Hell.

Now it has its own website!

Click Logs to see the episodes.

If you ask for a Nurse, you’re own your own, baby!

It still stuns me that while the Suits throw money into absolute crap to try to gain a loyal web audience, works of genius such as this have to be self-financed and done in spare time.

Well, at least they’ll own all the rights and won’t have to answer to retarded Suits.

Still, it’d be better if they could do it nearly regularly …

Where the hell are those ad agencies looking for hot stuff on the Net to sponsor? Here it is!

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One Comment on “Space Hospital Now Has A Website!”

  1. safae 14 Says:

    ola space hospita s’é tres jolie

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