The Final Death Of Fake Steve Jobs?

He died once.

But now it could be absotively posilutely final: JOB FOR ‘FAKE STEVE JOBS’

FAKE Steve Jobs is jumping ship.

Dan Lyons, the veteran Forbes tech editor who runs a blog under the pseudonym “Fake Steve Jobs,” has been poached by Newsweek Editor Jon Meacham.

Now, the question rings within my hollow head: Who owns FSJ and his work?

Since it was the creation of Lyons and done on his own outside of the Forbes umbrella, it should be 100% his property.

But then he got in bed with Forbes after Bastard of the Year revealed the secret identity of Fake Steve as a Forbes employee.

Did Forbes sponsorship and moolah translate into Fake Steve becoming a Work For Hire gig? Did Dan Lyons become a coolie in the paddy fields of the Forbes farm? Did the Secret Diary become a sharecroppers field on the vast Forbes plantation?

And of this Newsweek deal: Does Fake Steve move over there now?

I think he’s dead. For good.

He had his run. The only way to convince Fake Steve to come back is to show him the money luv.

Just like the Real Steve.

1960s prototype of iPhone 3G!

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One Comment on “The Final Death Of Fake Steve Jobs?”

  1. Fun while it lasted.

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