I Am The Anti-Date

I’ve got to stop communicating with women.

All they do is use me.

First, Megan Hickey.

Now, Judie Lipsett.

Judie, According To Her Questionnaire Answers (I will die now!)

She’s doing a series on Gear Diary about — oh my god! — online dating services.

One Of Judie’s Profile Photos (it’s all fake!!!)

And she suckered me into reading one part of it.

Because she quoted my “dating” post here.

I cannot believe she actually suffered through what has to be The Dumbest Questionnaire Ever. One of the questions: What Is Your Favorite Color?

Is this frikkin first grade or what?!

Judie On Date With Fellow Geek!

I remain unconvinced that these services are of any use other than to make oneself wretchedly sick of the human race. This can be accomplished just by walking the street and taking mass transit!

Here’s Judie’s series to, uh, date:

Online Dating Services: I Need Your Stories
Online Dating: Choosing a Site
Online Dating: Writing Your Profile

This is also on Gear Diary, not by Judie, but probably needed for males:
Double chins, losing hair, gold paint around your mouth? Airbrushdate spins your (booking) photos into online dating gold!

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