The Perfects: Re-Perfected

Singer/songwriter Ric Peters of the band The Perfects emails me:

There have been some changes in the personal dept. I have put together a new live line up and we will be out and about doing shows before the end of the summer. Matter of fact I am heading into the studio at the start of June with Nic Hard to start work on a new album. The vibe of the band is still intact with some of the songs having more of a club vibe while others go much darker than anything from the past incarnation. You can take a listen to one of them right now in the myspace player the demo called “New Life”.

The band is now comprised of myself and a fellow named Dave Belazis who will be playing guitar and cello live. The live band will be one member more this time around and will consist of Vocals, Lead guitar & cello, rhythm guitar, bass, drums and keys.

In the meantime there is a new official website This is the only website for the band.

Since this email was sitting in my Horrible Backlog, Ric’s group has actually put together yet another demo, called Darling Angel. Hit that MySpace link to hear it.

The new music has a different sound than the original mix of musicians. This is going to make seeing the new band live intriguing. How will the older songs sound?

From the old blog:

Ominous Issuance From Band The Perfects
The Perfects: Live At The Annex, Saturday July 21, 2007

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