Creaky Boards Vs. That Other Band

The song they didn’t write? Coldplay are accused of plagiarism by American band

It was all going so predictably well. Coldplay’s new album went straight to No 1 on Sunday, selling 300,000 copies in three days; concerts sold out; that iTunes ad was everywhere. Even their notoriously sniffy critics in the music press seemed, with the odd exception, unusually muted.

Then, things took a sudden turn for the worse – with a plagiarism row. Yesterday, the band was forced to issue a categorical denial of allegations that they copied the title track to their new record, Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends from a little-known US group, Creaky Boards.

coldplay + itunes steals viva la vida from creaky boards!

I’m no musician, so I’m unqualified to judge this.

All I can say is that I damn well like Creaky Boards’s music over at their MySpace page.

The Songs I Didn’t Write is damned good.

And Brooklyn starts out with this great lyric:

I moved to New York so full of life and hunger
Fell in love with its enormity
Played a lot of pianos and taught computers
Trying to afford conformity.

If you’re on MySpace, go Add them. If you’re not on MySpace, go listen.

That other band? I don’t have any of their songs, probably don’t want any, either. And that YouTube video is the first time I’ve heard that song of theirs. I’m not impressed.

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One Comment on “Creaky Boards Vs. That Other Band”

  1. Dave Says:

    You suck… creaky boards eat shit

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