Obama-Nader 2008? Never, I Say!

A poll at Japan Today asks: Would you like to see Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama’s running mate?

And someone left this comment:

How about Ralph Nader as running mate?

This would:

1) Never work

2) Be my personal nightmare

I don’t believe Nader would accept. It would compromise his values. It would crush those of us who believe in him for real change.

The next thing I want to type would get me a free trip to Cuba!

“I don’t think we’re in Cuba, Toto!”

Vote Nader 2008 website

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3 Comments on “Obama-Nader 2008? Never, I Say!”

  1. Morgan Mghee Says:

    Accepting a position with the real power to effect change is not a compromise to your values unless you failed to act based on those values in the course of your job. On the contrary, it could be a very potent victory for the right sort of unimpeachable candidate.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Obviously you don’t know or understand Ralph Nader. Rent or otherwise watch “An Unreasonable Man.” His only allegiance is to ideas and to what is right. He went after one of his ex-staffers who headed a gov’t agency!

  3. Morgan Mghee Says:

    I’ve watched it. Strict allegiance to ideas (ideals) and what is right. Hmm…that’s a pretty good campaign slogan actually. Upholding the rules and laws, remaining unbiased as to the personal or political nature of a thing, letting the will of the people prevail, providing accurate timely information so the decision is informed…all of that does sound pretty good to me. It stings when we realize the majority of people may not agree with what you want to see happen, but manipulating to win outside the majority vote is undemocratic.

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