Truckers Strike 2008: Albany, NY Protest & More


This is the longest post on this subject I’ve yet done. It has multiple videos in it, so I have to break it onto the next page otherwise the videos will clog the blog (something I can’t do at the Blogger backup blog).

Truckers protest in downtown Albany draws hundreds

Hundreds of truck drivers converged on the state Capitol Thursday and staged a noisy demonstration against soaring fuel prices.

About 110 tractor-trailer cabs, dump trucks and flatbeds lined streets outside the Capitol, their thundering air horns blasting the 109-year-old building. Even more were diverted to a nearby parking area.

Organizers said they came to call out the governor and legislative leaders to explain what they’re going to do about what is becoming a crisis in their industry.

“With increased Department of Transportation audits, high fuel prices and obnoxious taxes … they’re putting trucking companies out of business and driving trucking companies out of New York,” said Bill Sutton, a truck owner-operator from Batavia.

These days, Sutton says it costs him about $1,300 to fill his rig’s tanks, more than twice what it did at this time last year.

Emphasis added by me.

I had to use Google News to find local coverage — and it was in Newsday! Not the New York Times nor NY Daily News nor New York Post! Those bastards! The Times at least partially redeems itself with another story (see later in this post).

Meanwhile, here are screensnaps from an Associated Press video:

Here’s that A.P. video:

Truckers Protest High Fuel Prices in Albany, NY

And here are some more videos covering the protest:

Truck Rally – Albany NY

Albany Trucker Protest

Trucker Protest Rally Albany, NY 6-19-08

So that’s in Albany, the capitol of New York State.

Meanwhile, in New York Fascist City, the place that denied the truckers their right to protest, Billionaire Bastard Bloomberg said this:


BOCA RATON, Fla. – Let the little people pay higher gas taxes.

That was the harsh message for beleaguered motorists delivered yesterday by Mayor Bloomberg.

With drivers around the country fuming about rising gas prices, Bloomberg dropped a bombshell into their tanks yesterday by calling for increased fuel taxes to cut consumption.

Emphasis added by me.

This is the same guy who raised taxes on cigarettes in the City. They are now between $9.00-$10.00 per pack. Do you think he’d ever raise taxes on those who, for example, make more than $250,000 a year? You could hold your breath and die before that would ever happen. He wouldn’t do it even as a temporary emergency surtax to help the budget. This bastard would rather do things like cut the budget for public libraries!

Here’s how the New York Times partially redeemed itself:

South Korean Truckers Strike to Protest Rising Fuel Costs

SEOUL, South Korea — Thousands of South Korean truck drivers went on strike on Friday to protest rising fuel prices, threatening to paralyze the country’s ports and challenging the already unpopular government of President Lee Myung-bak.

Across Asia, sharp increases in fuel prices continued to stoke public anger. In Malaysia and Thailand, consumers and truckers demanding bigger fuel subsidies from their governments threatened to strike, and Thai fishermen warned that they would burn their boats.

More than 5,000 truckers blocked entrances to ports and cargo terminals in South Korea, demanding that the government increase subsidies, authorize higher freight charges and introduce a minimum wage.

Emphasis added by me.

How would it be if five thousand trucks converged on Washington, D.C.?

I want to go back to the first story about Albany to highlight this:

The Republican-led state Senate passed a bill last month to suspend state petroleum taxes for the summer, but it hasn’t reached the floor of the Assembly, where Democratic leaders oppose it.

I don’t want you truckers to be fooled by that. The Republicans up there aren’t your friend. If you lived in New York City, you’d have seen your rent allowed to skyrocket because Joe Bruno — the Republican leader — is the landlord’s hitman up there.

Democrat and Republican are nothing but two brand names for the same evil.

Let me repeat that:

Democrat and Republican are nothing but two brand names for the same evil.

I want you truckers to think about something. If you told someone about your protest actions earlier in the year and were told, “Don’t bother. You can’t win,” what would have said?

I think all of you would have said: “We’ll do it anyway!”

Ralph Nader, who is again running for President, was told, “Don’t bother. You can’t win.”

And I reply: “I’m voting for him anyway. It’s my vote.”

With Democrat and Republican both being the same evil, don’t all of you hard working truckers think your vote would have more of an impact if you voted for someone who puts everyday people first? How much of a difference do you think your vote for McCain The Insane or Obama-rama would make? You’d get lost in the shuffle.

Vote for Ralph Nader. Let the twin pillars of evil know you’ve had enough.

Make your vote have an impact this November.

Get mad!

And educate yourself!

God bless the American trucker!

The American Driver – From Drivers … For Drivers
– helping to organize the various protest actions

– be sure to see the list of planned events to participate!

Trucker Strike MySpace
– Add as Friend to get all the Bulletins!

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3 Comments on “Truckers Strike 2008: Albany, NY Protest & More”

  1. Please consider participating in our efforts to get our elected representatives to act according to the will of the American People.

    Safe Trails and God Bless,
    Fredrick (SilverSurfer) Schaffner


  2. D Says:

    As much as I admire those with the courage to vote for third party candidates, let me be frank and say that it doesn’t work. Why doesn’t it work? Because we all know it doesn’t work. Most of us know that independents don’t win elections, and that’s why we don’t vote for them. It’s sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy, really. The only reason they can’t win is because the American people believe they can’t win. I don’t expect this to change anytime soon.

    We could do what France does, and allow two elections — in the first election, you vote for whichever candidate you like the most. Then, the two candidates who received the most votes go on into the next election, and you get to vote AGAIN between the two. That way, you’re not “throwing away” your vote by choosing an independent in the first election, because you still get to pick from your “lesser of evils” in the final showdown.

    Of course, that’s what FRANCE does. No way America will ever copy anything the “frogs” do (nevermind the fact that they gave us the Statue of Liberty — ancient history, they’re the bad guys now, apparently).

    Anyway, all political crap aside…

    The problem with oil and gas is that there is no real competition to oil and gas. Pure free-market capitalists like to defend oil companies and oil speculators and oppose any efforts to curb fuel prices (and thus, big oil profits). But what these so-called capitalists seem to forget is that capitalism only works if you have sufficient competition. Oil is a monopoly. We all depend on it — individuals, companies, governments, militaries, EVERYONE depends on it. Whether we want it or not, we’ve got to buy it, no matter how much it costs. After all, we’ve got to get to work, and products need to be transported somehow. We can’t all ride bikes or take the train (this isn’t Europe, after all).

    But since it would be “unfair” to forcibly regulate oil prices or tax the hell out of oil company profits, the only real solution is to provide Big Oil with a little bit of competition in the form of alternative fuels. Oil’s time on this earth is limited anyway, we might as well stop delaying the inevitable. Let’s face it — you can’t drive that ’67 GTO forever. The time will come when you just might have to drive some “faggy” mini eco-car that’s roughly the size of a large golf cart and runs on pure vegetable oil. Sad, but true. The bright side is that the alternative fuel cars of the future might not be as pathetic as some people think.

    Consider the Tesla Roadster. Or the Honda FCX Clarity. Or Schwarzenegger’s hydrogen-powered Hummer. Or the coming Chevy Volt. Yes, even big trucks can run on alternative fuels. We already have buses that run on natural gas — it wouldn’t be that difficult to bring that transition to the trucking industry (it’s a whole lot cheaper than standard diesel). And then there is biodiesel. Even hybrid technology for trucks (yes, it exists). It’s also still too soon to discount the possibility of trucks running on some blend of ethanol or methanol (E85 or M85).

    With competition between energy producers, not only do you get cleaner, less expensive, renewable fuels, but you also give Big Oil some much-needed competition. There are those who believe that drilling for more oil is the answer. But increasing future supply does nothing to offset future price speculations when it doesn’t even come close to comparing to future increases in demand (basic economics, people). The quickest way to reduce oil prices now (aside from a collapsing economy, of course) — is to start researching and introducing alternative fuels NOW. Speculators will freak out at the possibility of oil having to actually COMPETE with something in the very near future. Anticipated drop in demand = actual drop in price.

    Just look at the stock market. That’s how it works. It doesn’t matter if real demand actually drops or not — if people perceive that the value of a given commodity MIGHT drop, even the slightest bit, they’re going to sell their share. This will cause other speculators and investors to sell their shares as well, and what you have is a snowball effect, resulting in $1-a-gallon gasoline prices. Sound farfetched? Sure. But if you had told people 10 years ago that they could be paying as much as $5 a gallon for gas today, they would have thought you were nuts.

    I feel the pain of the truckers. The rest of us are feeling it through higher prices on everything we buy, including gas itself. High gas prices even make it more expensive to transport GAS, leading to even HIGHER gas prices. Absurd, isn’t it? Truckers should not have to foot the bill here. For that matter, neither should gas stations. There are GAS STATIONS facing bankruptcy because they’re not making any money on the gas they sell. They’re trying to keep their prices as low as possible, so all of the profits are going directly to the oil companies themselves. Not very smart to cheat your own distributors out of their fair share, now is it? The whole thing is ridiculous. This hurts EVERYBODY — particularly the middle class, which includes truckers.

    Look, I know that in the ideal world, we would have all sorts of politicians to pick from and they would each have their own unique solutions to the world’s problems, and none of them would be backed by lobbyists or supported by big corrupt political parties. But the truth is that there are only two candidates who can win this election: Obama or McCain. Obama is the only one who actually intends to devote any attention to developing alternative fuels. McCain intends to allow drilling, which as I explained, does not relieve the problem. In fact, it will only make it worse — demand for oil futures will go up with the prospect of greater future supplies, causing a spike in present day oil prices.

    Think about it. Oil is not like gold, or collectable stamps, or other items that become more valuable when they are more rare or scarce. Oil is a one-time-use commodity. You burn it up and it’s gone. Sure, as demand rises and supplies dwindle, it will increase in value in the short term. But at the end of the day, when there’s not enough of it left for anybody to purchase for day-to-day use, it’s going to be virtually worthless. When 99% of the vehicles on the road run on something other than gasoline, oil will be outdated, null, and void. Nobody’s going to pay $6 or $7 a gallon for gas when they can fill their car up with hydrogen or natural gas for pennies on the dollar. Investors know this, which is exactly why the price of oil will FALL once the automakers start releasing more and more alternative-fuel vehicles. Right now, they’re trying to capitalize on the fact that most people still drive traditional vehicles, so they can still rape consumers for a sizeable profit (much like the CEOs of the financial institutions raped their customers and insurers by taking huge gambles on risky loans in a big get-rich-quick scheme, knowing full well that they could bail out with their golden parachutes once the situation got out of control). They know the future is coming and that they won’t be able to get away with it forever. The sooner we say NO to Big Oil, the better off we’ll be. Trust me on this one.

  3. That was a good strike. I wonder what happened to the times when diesel was cheaper than other fuels.

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