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Doctor Who: Turn Left

June 22, 2008

Warning up front: I’m going to spoil this episode on the next page. Majorly. It’s the only way I can post about it. Also, I’m going to include some other text and screensnap bits for, um, contrast and effect.

Russell T Davies works his humanistic magic again — big time — in yesterday’s episode, season four’s eleventh of thirteen, of Doctor Who, called Turn Left.


Thank you to whoever put it on the Net last night. It really did appear in what had to be record time! I’ve never encountered it on the Net before on a Saturday night!

I watched this episode twice. I couldn’t do it last night, so I plopped it on my LifeDrive’s SD and watched it with headphones. Two things about that:

1) Headphones really bring out the music. It was truly an excellent job done there. I recommend a separate viewing that way, just to savor the music.

2) It was an emotional episode and I really shouldn’t have watched it while in public! Geez!

OK, past this point are spoilers. Do not proceed until after you’ve viewed the episode!

Click for more only if you’ve seen the episode

I Like This

June 22, 2008

It’s always good when the subjects of books — albeit e ones — are the top post.

And two Ralph Nader posts are there too!

I do a happy dance.

Just one more post for today. It’s last night’s Doctor Who episode (the one that aired in England). Come back in an hour or so for that. It’s reaaal long. But it contains spoilers, so don’t look if you haven’t seen the episode yet!