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The Lever That Is The Internet

June 23, 2008

Damn. Look at all that Internet!

It’s like being on a … global frequency!

But if the wrong people get on it or I get a high sign, then it’s:

My aged eyes are too tired. So … perhaps tomorrow.

D.C. (Comics, Not The Capitol) Re-Org?

June 23, 2008

A Reboot Of DC Comics Before Comic-Con?

With Comic-Con fast approaching (July 24-27) and all the Hollywood studios getting ready, I understand that Warner Bros has been nervously monitoring the deteriorating situation at its subsidiary DC Comics. There could be a major shake-up — especially if Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes keeps cleaning house inside the Big Media corp.

One thing that would help all comics publishers are better sales outlets.

The Man Is Wise. Listen!

June 23, 2008

Lowered standards.

There are so many people out there, living on the street. Eating out of garbage cans.

Fighting eachother over squat houses, or food, or shelters.

It hurts me to know that these people are forced into this situation because of the way America works.

You must dedicate your whole life to work. Physically torture yourself day after day after day, with a smile on your face.

Killing your soul for 8 dollars an hour? No fucking thank you.

I would rather go back on the street than bust my ass for minimum wage.

There should be more places where people can go in between jobs, it takes a long time to find the right job for you, especially if you don’t have many skills.

It’s a bitch to get that job, too, if you live a certain life style.

Society has such high expectations and such a low tolerance for people who stray from what they believe is the “right” path.

Fuck all you hypocritical sons of bitches, it’s hard enough trying to make ends meet with a job. Without a job you’re basically dead.

I wish that everyone just automatically received the things they need to survive, and only had to pay for the privelages, like Cable TV, Internet, cell phones, gasoline, pizza, cigarettes, weed, crack, or whatever your bag is.

But no, you have to pay for toilet paper, food, water, a bed to sleep on, and a place to use the bathroom.

And god forbid you get hurt and you don’t have a job.

You’re fucked then.

Anyways, just a few things to think about next time you turn your nose up at some homeless man asking for change… there does need to be a change. There shouldn’t be homeless people. There shouldn’t be hungry people. But there are.

Think about it.

And how did they get into this situation to begin with? Why is it that they can not have good jobs and all that?

Because society today has lowered it’s own standards, and people aren’t expected to do as much at a young age. All you have to do is go to school, do your homework, clean your room, wipe the dirt off of your face, and for god’s sake, pull up your pants.

But in certain areas, School means you get shipped off in a bus full of people that hate you, to a school full of people who are just waiting untill nobody is looking so that they can beat the shit out of you, and if you tell the teacher, your parent, or any other adult, they call you a snitch and you get beaten up that much more.

I didn’t drop out of high school, I got kicked out because I couldn’t stand it anymore. Instead of taking my beating like a good boy, I fought back, I shoved someone into the middle of the street, right in front of a car. I threw a chair through the teacher’s lounge window, I smoked weed on campus and I didn’t give a fuck.

And now I’ve got a shitty job, a shitty place to live, and a shitty landlord who won’t shut up about rent being due.

Nobody’s life is perfect, but people should have a chance. Where you live shouldn’t dictate how good or bad your life should be. Who gave birth to you shouldn’t dictate how good or bad your life should be.

But it does.

And it’s wrong.

That’s the end of my rant.


Buckminster Fuller wrote:

I then said, “I see the hydrogen atom doesn’t have to earn a living before behaving like a hydrogen atom. In fact, as best I can see, only human beings operate on the basis of ‘having to earn a living.’ The concept is one introduced into social conventions only by the temporal power structure’s dictums of the ages. If I am doing what God’s evolutionary strategy needs to have accomplished, I need spend no further time worrying about such matters.[“]

Unfortunately, I didn’t note the book’s title.

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #136

June 23, 2008

L.A. seeing more people living out of their cars

Tourist states with temperate climates, such as California and Florida, have long been magnets for the homeless. Los Angeles is the nation’s homelessness capital, with an estimated 73,000 people on the streets. A survey of 3,230 homeless people last year in Los Angeles County found nearly 7 percent living in vehicles, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

“It’s trending toward an increase,” said Michael Stoop, acting executive director of the National Coalition for the Homeless. “People would rather live in a vehicle than wind up in a shelter, and you can’t stay on a friend’s couch forever.”

People living out of their cars or campers tend to be more well-off than the homeless on the street. They usually have jobs or disability checks that enable them to maintain an old camper but do not allow them to afford rent.

“For more working-class and lower-middle-class people, the car is the first stop of being homeless, and sometimes it turns out to be a long stop,” said Gary Blasi, a University of California, Los Angeles, law professor and activist on homeless issues.

Emphasis added by me.

America in the twenty-first century.

What a disgrace.

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Doctor Who: Now I Begin To See

June 23, 2008

I’ve watched Partners in Crime, the first season four episode to begin the run with the Donna Noble character.

Well, well, Billie Piper was jumping across universes in the first one!

I think I’ll be able to catch up in time for this weekend’s new episode.

Not that I expect to be able to catch all the past references by the end of this season. It turns out I haven’t seen any of season three! Nor have I yet watched any of Torchwood.

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ICANN Gets Stupid

June 23, 2008

‘Shake-up’ for internet proposed

The plan would also allow for the new domain names to be internationalised, and so could be written in scripts for Asian and Arabic languages.

That has to be the asbolutely dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of!

I can nevigate through some sites that are not in English only because all the links are in English. If things are changed to that, people will have to install goddam language packs to get around the Internet!

Is there anyone at ICANN who still has a brain who can stop that?

And if there isn’t someone at ICANN, maybe a law needs to be rushed through to stop them.

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #135

June 23, 2008

Everything seemingly is spinning out of control

[. . .] a battered public seems discouraged by the onslaught of dispiriting things. An Associated Press-Ipsos poll says a barrel-scraping 17 percent of people surveyed believe the country is moving in the right direction. That is the lowest reading since the survey began in 2003.

An ABC News-Washington Post survey put that figure at 14 percent, tying the low in more than three decades of taking soundings on the national mood.

“It is pretty scary,” said Charles Truxal, 64, a retired corporate manager in Rochester, Minn. “People are thinking things are going to get better, and they haven’t been. And then you go hide in your basement because tornadoes are coming through. If you think about things, you have very little power to make it change.”

Emphasis added by me.


Why the vulnerability? After all, this is the 21st century, not a more primitive past when little in life was assured. Surely people know how to fix problems now.

Maybe. And maybe this is what the 21st century will be about — a great unraveling of some things long taken for granted.

Emphasis added by me.

I call it the Collapse Of All Things.

I wrote back in April:

With everything that’s happening, I should think about a new Category: The End Of The Whole Frikkin World.

And all this is just the overture.

The symphony has yet to play.

As the song goes, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #134

June 23, 2008

UPDATE: Order restored on Vliet St.

Milwaukee police said they have restored order but will remain outside of the Marcia P. Coggs Human Services Center after a crowd awaiting free food vouchers became unruly this morning.


Police responded to the building about 7 a.m. after 2,500 people lined up on the sidewalk and eventually began to block traffic in the street. A number of people had rushed the door, and some people became caught in the crush; however, there were no serious injuries, according to Schwartz.


“We want to make sure people stay here in an orderly fashion so they can get what they came to get,” she said. “We’re still trying to figure out why so many people showed up.”

Emphasis added by me.

That spokesperson must be a techmemer. In techemeland, everything is wunnerful, wunnerful, and everyone dreams of being The Next Arrington.

While out here in The Real Fucking World, war is coming.

Finally! The CitiGroup Layoffs Begin!

June 23, 2008

Citigroup to Cut 10% of Investment Banking Jobs

Citigroup Inc., in the latest sign of bloodletting on Wall Street, is set this week to embark on an aggressive round of layoffs within its investment-banking division, people familiar with the matter said.

The New York bank, which has suffered $15 billion in losses over the past two quarters and is likely to rack up billions of dollars in additional write-downs in the second quarter, this week will dismiss thousands of investment-banking employees world-wide as part of a plan to cut the roughly 65,000-employee group by 10%, the people said. Pink slips are likely to be handed out Monday.

Emphasis added by me.


Citigroup May Fire 10% of Investment-Bank Workers, WSJ Reports

June 22 (Bloomberg) — Citigroup Inc., the bank that’s lost more than any other in the collapse of the U.S. mortgage market, plans to fire as much as 10 percent of the about 65,000 employees worldwide in its investment-banking division, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The first notices in the round of dismissals may begin tomorrow, the newspaper said, citing people it didn’t name. The New York-based bank, which has more than 350,000 employees, cut at least 9,000 workers as of March 31, the Journal said.

Emphasis added by me.

Oh, these layoffs are just a scratch.

You don’t get to be Number One in losses and act like you have an itch.

They’ll have to do actual amputations to survive.

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It Won’t Save You! You Finns Are Doomed!

June 23, 2008

Breaking: Germany’s Plazes Acquired By Nokia

I want to throw up.

Because I mentioned that firm in this blog, here.

I feel filthy.

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