Video: eBooks On iPhone/iPod Touch

First up is an ebook overview for people who haven’t explored them yet. Yeah, I know most of the people who pop in here are tech savvy, but if you know someone who isn’t, point them to this video.

GreenerBusiness 13: Ebook Readers

Books – eBook reader for iPhone/iPod Touch

RasterBook demo – read eBooks on iPhone

iPod touch as a book reader

This one is sideways and in German, but it shows a different and longer list of settings:

And this is a tutorial that actually taught me something:

“How To” Create a FREE eBook (Using Gmail) Wolf pack

Update: Another video.

iPhone and Ebooks: A Flirtation Continued

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3 Comments on “Video: eBooks On iPhone/iPod Touch”

  1. Now I know! Damn I though I knew it all.

  2. iPhone 3g accessories Says:

    hmmm. Vidz!

  3. mikecane Says:

    Right, enough of this bullshit.

    You two are splogs.

    I let the first one through even though I had my doubts.

    I let the second one through — but I deleted the URL and email info.

    Go bother someone else. Neither one of you will get in the Comments here again.

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