Flashback To ULCPC Buzz

This is the original video:

VIA NanoBeat

I also mentioned this at the old blog.

This was hyped well before Asus jumped in with the EeePC.

Yet Asus caught all the sales.

Here’s another bit of hype from that time:

VIA Nanobook

Boston ESC 2007 – The revolutionary VIA NanoBook Ultra Mobile Device Reference Design ushers in the Mobility 2.0 lifestyle. Based on the VIA Ultra Mobility Platform, the NanoBook lets you bring the full Internet experience with you wherever you go. The NanoBook’s bright 7″ touchscreen provides an optimal mobile web-browsing experience, while the full-size keyboard means you don’t have sacrifice comfort for mobility. Weighing in at 850 grams, the NanoBook is less than 30mm thick making it a snap to pull out and grab that crucial bit of information you have stashed away. Best of all the VIA Ultra Mobility Platform, based on the the incredibly power efficient VIA C7-M processor, allows your Mobility 2.0 Internet experience to extend beyond the 4 hour mark.

What makes me laugh are the claims for battery life and the lack of heat.

Also, I think this was being touted for about $700-$800 at the time. That seemed expensive!

Then Asus grabbed everyone’s attention with its “$199” computer.

That turned out to be $399.

And which has now graduated to the 1000H at $650!

I wonder what we’ll be looking back at and laughing about a year from now?

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