The New Way To Mask Poverty

I have to go back to this article: Oil passes $143 on Middle East tensions

Because I need to highlight this:

We’re starting to see demand destruction in the U.S., but in China and other developing countries, we still see demand growth,”

Emphasis added by me.

“Demand destruction” — who is the depraved creature who came up with that sterile yet war-like term?

“Demand” = ability to purchase.

An inability to purchase = lowered standard of living.

Lowered standard of living that continues to go lower = poverty.

“Demand destruction” = impoverishment.

I was in the supermarket yesterday and I noticed a whole new round of price increases on virtually everything.

To all of you bastards out there raking in the dough from your oil and other commodity speculations, I’ve got news for you.

Your sales are being recorded.

Your identities are known.

At some point, things will change in this country.

You will be brought to justice for raping the common good to feed your selfish, sociopathic greed.

Laugh now. Because your future will be filled with tears.

You’re outnumbered. And you’re enlarging that number every. fucking. day.

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